Saturday, September 10, 2011

Luke's first day of Preschool

We had another big "first" in the Webb household this week. Thursday, our sweet Luke started Pre-K3! After we met the teachers on Tuesday, I was, well let's just say...dreading the drop off on Thursday. When we got to the school on Tuesday he wouldn't get out of the car at first. So I had to carry him into the school. He buried his head into my shoulder and said "I don't want you to leave." I had to remind him this was just so we could meet his teachers. I put him down because I wanted him to walk into his classroom. Except he decided he was just going to sit in the hallway instead. Can you say, stress!! I was sweating at this point! After a few encouraging words, I carried him into his room, he warmed up a little, talked to his teachers and started playing. Whew, what a relief.

His teachers, Mrs. Rosio and Mrs. Irene. We've heard really great things about both of them.

His classroom, the 3's, are known as the "Frogs". Which is perfect for Luke because the froggie has always been one of his favorites. Apparently each morning there will be a question on the white board and they have to put their frog under the answer they choose. The question of the day was "Are you ready to be a frog?" I read the question to Luke and told him the options for his answers. He quickly said, "I'm not sure." So honest and in tune with his feelings! I was glad to see he wasn't the only one that wasn't so sure.

We stayed in the classroom for about 30 minutes hoping he would continue to warm up, which he did. He played and talked to his teachers for awhile. When we were leaving I asked him if he wanted to move his frog to another answer and he "No, I'm still not sure!" Then he said, "On Thursday when we come back, I'm not going to be angry." I was keeping my fingers crossed this was true!

And let me just tell you, it was! He did AWESOME Thursday morning. He was happy, excited and ready to go to school. There were no tears, lots of smiles and lots of hugs! Oh how relieved I was.

My sweet, precious Luke! I can't believe my sweet boy is 3 1/2 and starting school. The heart strings have definitely been pulled a lot these last few weeks!

Getting his belongings put away.

Putting his nap mat up.

The question of the day, "Are you ready to have some fun?" He quickly and happily say "YES". Again, relief!

He was very generous with his hugs.

First activity of the day, Play-Doh

When I was leaving I turned around for one last look and this was what he was doing. Didn't even look up! Sweet boy!

When I picked him up his teachers said he did great. He actually slept during their 45 minute rest time. Which, if you know anything about my kids, this is nothing short of a miracle! Oh and here is a picture of him testing out his new nap mat. He was so excited about it. It has a built in pillow and blanket. And the monkey is another one of his favorites.

His teachers said he followed directions really well and he did get teary when they had to switch rooms for one of their specials but after they talked to him he was fine. Thank you God for helping Luke's first day go so well. It is a definite answer to prayers.


  1. Oh that sweet, sweet Luke! I sure did love reading about his first day at preschool! I can only imagine how nervous you were leading up to this experience. God sure knew what He was doing when he put Luke in the Froggie class! I just LOVE the idea of the day's question and how the kids can participate by moving their frog to their answer. So neat! What a blessing that Luke did so great on his first day. And his "angry" comment just cracked me up. He is seriously in touch with his emotions, I love it! The girls are gonna be fightin' over him someday....

    First kindergarten for your oldest, and now preschool for your middle child. Girl, there's only so much emotional drama that a Mama can take! Hope you're hanging in there now that it's setting in that your 2 babies are in school. I bet it'll be neat for you to have some girls-only time, too. Yay!

  2. On their first day, the boys cried a little everytime they switched rooms, too!

  3. He looks so cute in his first day of school pics! It looks like his teachers are so sweet and have lots of fun stuff planned! What a relief that he did so great - good job Lukee!\

  4. Sweet, sweet child. Oh, Katherine, they are just growing up so fast. I'm so glad his first week went well.

    I had the great pleasure of seeing Kristina Friday morning! She is beautiful inside and out, just like her sister. blessings ~ tanna

  5. Precious boy. Little Luke the "Frog" - how perfect. He really was so in touch with his feelings, wasn't he? He just wasn't sure that first day if he was ready to be a frog or not, but that second day was a different story! I'm so excited for what this year holds for him. I think he's going to love it! I can't wait to hear more stories from this year for both the boys. Poor Sarah's not going to know what to do with herself with both of the boys in school! And what will you do with all that extra time on your hands?! LOL. =)

  6. Yea for Lukie liking his first day of school!! I'm so glad he ended up being excited. And he slept! Haha! He is going to have so much fun and Sarah is going to love one on one tine with you.

    Love the monkey nap mat. Too cute.