Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sarah's first haircut

I had a haircut appointment scheduled a few weeks ago. I had decided I was ready for a change and wanted to get some of the length cut off. I had also been contemplating getting Sarah's hair cut for the first time. She seems to have my fine hair and I was thinking she needed to get it shaped up a little.
I went back and forth on if I really wanted to cut it or not. But after talking to my hair dresser she thought by cutting off some of that fine baby hair, it would help Sarah's hair grow in fuller and thicker. She came with me to my appointment and experienced her first haircut! 

I thought I would let Sarah go first. She sat in the little booster seat and was ready to go. 

She even sat still while getting the cape put on. 
However, it didn't take long for her to get that look of "I think NOT!" Tears soon followed this picture. 
 I decided to let her take a break and I went first. Jacob was home from school that day with a rash which worked out good that he was there to help entertain Sarah for me. After I was done, we tried to get her to sit in the chair again but she wasn't having it. So she ended up just cutting her hair while she sat in my lap. I was very thankful for Sophia the First on the Disney Jr app. She sat still and watched her show while Melissa trimmed up the bottom of her hair. Sarah and I were both covered in hair, but hey that's ok! 

Me and my girl after our haircuts! So fun!




  1. I love her haircut! It definitely looks fuller towards the bottom. I'm still going back and forth on doing the same thing to K's hair. Haven't gotten up the nerve yet!! :-)

  2. Aww, it looks so good! She is just so sweet and looks adorable with her little hair cut. Love your hair too!!