Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toothless boy

Jacob has been a busy boy lately, busy losing teeth. He has lost seven total and has one more that is getting close. At his last dentist appointment, the dentist told us that after kids lose the first eight (top and bottom front four) they typically don't lose anymore until after they get their twelve year molars. Who knew?? Not me. Seriously with all the teeth! I'm telling you, teething never ends! Jacob talks about age twelve a lot...he remembers me saying it's when he will get his extra tooth pulled and his next round of vaccines. He's already dreading both, poor guy!

Look at that grin!
Recently when Jacob lost his sixth tooth he decided to write the tooth fairy a note and ask her what her name was.   Apparently "The Tooth Fairy" wasn't enough and he needed to know more. Some classmates had done this and were very proud of their tooth fairy names. Apparently our Tooth Fairy's name is Flossy and she wrote her name on the line he left for her on his note. :-)

He ended up losing his seventh tooth at school. He pulled it right out and of course he had blood all over the place, his desk, hands and his shirt. Ms. Lewis makes it special for them by letting them take home a baggie of books about the tooth fairy and a little tooth shaped pillow. So cute. They also get to make a trip to the nurse's office to get a little treasure chest to put the tooth in. He was so excited! 
Just when I thought his curiosity of the tooth fairy was gone, he decided that after losing his seventh tooth he needed to write another note and ask if her name was the same. Apparently some of his classmates have several different ones that visit??  Looks like the Webbs just have one because Flossy responded "It's me, Flossy!". :-) He seemed happy with that!

He also told me that some classmates also said if you leave a cup of water out for the tooth fairy, she will sprinkle her fairy dust into the water and the water will turn the color that she is??  Sooo, we left a cup of water and apparently Flossy is red. He was so so excited the next morning to see all of this. I'm wondering what he is going to ask when he loses that eighth tooth. I think Flossy is going to enjoy the break after this eighth tooth is gone and we have a nice break. :-)


  1. This had me laughing out loud. Flossy is the hardest working tooth fairy I've ever "met." Sprinkling dust, replying to letters. Gone are the days of just dropping the dough and flying off, huh? I bet Flossy is looking forward to a break! Oh, and if I were Jacob, I'd be pulling my last tooth at school, too. Look at that setup! So sweet that his teacher makes it so special. Miss and love you, friend.

  2. I miss seeing that toothless grin in person!