Saturday, April 13, 2013

Open House and Spring Break

The Thursday before Spring Break, Jacob's school had their Open House night. We got to see the projects they had been working so hard on and then attended the book fair.

Each family was asked to decorate their Texas shape and they were displayed in the hallway. 

Proud of First Grade's science fair project with Lily.

A few days later, we started Spring Break off by driving to Waco to attend the KU/Baylor basketball game.  We can't pass up seeing those Jayhawks when they play in Texas. Sadly they lost but we still had fun cheering them on. 

From Waco, we dressed the kids in their pj's and drove down to Houston for a quick trip to see Kyla and family. Jim and the boys got to meet Andrew for the first time and we got lots of baby cuddles. Baby Andrew is just as sweet as ever and Kyla, Michael and Joseph are adjusting well and enjoying their new little bundle. So fun having another baby in the family. 

The kids loved getting their turn to hold Andrew. 

Sarah was in heaven getting her hands on that sweet baby and kept calling him a baby doll. :)

There are several parks in the neighborhood so we spent lots of time playing there with big brother Joseph. 

Snack break.

After a fun visit with Kyla and Michael we went back home for a few days and got to see some friends. 

At the park with Andra and Avery.

We headed out to Tyler on Thursday so Jim could attend a church retreat with my Dad and Oscar and we spent the long weekend with Kristina and kids and my mom. 

At the candlelight service at the retreat. 

 Jacob had initially started out in the bed to the left.  When I went and checked on them before I went to bed this is what I found.  Not sure if he fell off or if he got down there so they could sleep together. Sweet cousins! I did get him up to go to the bathroom and put him back in his bed. They sure looked crowded. :)


  1. What a fun and action packed week! We had so fun spending time with y'all and Andrew loved his sweet cousins! (And his aunt Kat especially when she held him for half of the bachelor finale so mommy could watch too!) :)

  2. Love seeing all of Jacob's school stuff! And I just can't believe how many teeth that boy has already lost. They are all getting so big. Lots of changes coming over the next year. Just can't believe it. The picture of Jacob and grace is precious. Love how much they all love each other.