Friday, May 10, 2013

Luke's soccer and swim lessons

Our little Lukie-Lou has been a busy boy this Spring. He just completed his first season of soccer. He was on the Prosper Fire team and had a great time. He hustled when he was on the field, always keeping up with the group. He was a little shy about getting his foot on the ball at times. Usually leaving it up to his more experienced team mates. One ball...eight eager boys trying to get control of it. I think I might have been the same way Luke. He did make a goal and several attempts so he was thrilled with that.

Our little soccer star!

His friend, Cade.

And our next door neighbor, Luke Z.

Always have to pose with the CFA cow!

Luke's last game was last weekend and we had a little team party after the game at the park in our neighborhood. 

His first trophy!! He was so excited!

Team picture. Yes Luke is the one not in the uniform. Oops--we ran home for a few minutes and he was so eager to change. At least he has a soccer shirt on, right!?!

Great season Fire!!
Luke has also been taking swim lessons at Emler Swim School. He started in January and his session goes through the beginning of June. Luke has spent most of his pool time in a life jacket. Taking three little ones swimming makes me extremely nervous. So Luke and Sarah have been safely secured in life jackets to make it a bit easier. So, he started lessons not knowing the least bit about keeping himself above the water. He has made GREAT progress and can now swim about ten feet, float on his back and jump in, turn and swim back to the wall. I've been very impressed with Emler and am so glad we will enter summer time with Luke knowing the basics of how to swim. 

They started out using lots of flotation equipment. 

We love Ms. Tami.

Keeping herself busy while we wait.

As the session has gone on, they have reduced the about of equipment they use and are now using nothing to help them. 

Jacob was thrilled he got to see Luke in action since he was out of school on Good Friday. 

Look at him go!

Our little fish! So proud of you Luke!!

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  1. What a fun post about sweet lukie!! He looks so cute in all his soccer pics and is sound so great in his swim lessons! So proud of my godson!!