Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mother's Day

This year we celebrated Mother's Day weekend at home, just the five of us. I told Jim I wanted to all be together on Sunday and wanted to do something that everyone would enjoy. So we came up with a trip to Grapevine to go to the Sea Life Aquarium and Legoland. We hadn't been to the aquarium yet and Jim hadn't been to either. On the way to Grapevine, we stopped at IHOP for a late breakfast which was a fun treat since we don't usually eat breakfast out. We told the kids at breakfast what we had planned for the day and they were beyond thrilled. If the kids are happy, everybody's happy!

LOVE being a momma to these three little blessings!

The Aquarium

Luke has always been fond of sea life, especially sharks. Boy, was his little heart in heaven.  He appropriately picked out his shark shirt and shorts to wear even though he didn't know we were going there. 

Shark face!

We were very impressed with the aquarium. It was very well done and the kids loved it! And of course we had to make a quick stop in the gift shop. Luke just HAD to get a stuffed shark, Sarah chose a little diver which she calls a mermaid and Jacob chose a stingray. 

 Once we were done there we headed across the way to Legoland. Once again, we had some happy kids!

The boys love the race car track there. You build your own race car and they must have raced their cars a thousand times. We had to pull them away so we could do some of the other things there. Boys and their cars!

Daddy was building his little princess a Lego castle. 

They had three different 4D Lego shows playing. Since it wasn't crowded we were able to just stay put and watch all three back-to-back. It was a nice break.

We spent four hours at Legoland then decided it was time for an early dinner. We headed down to the Rainforest Cafe and again had some happy kids. 

Posing with the tree frog. 

Love, love, love!

The balloon lady came by and they each chose something different, Luke chose a dinosaur, Sarah a princess crown and Jacob a sword. I always love to see their different personalities come out in the things they choose.

What a fun day we had! This outing is not something we would have done on any given Sunday so it was a special treat for us all.

I also got to celebrate Muffins with Mom at Luke's school. I always enjoy these special days. 

We got a star magnet made by our little ones.

Love my sweet Luke!



  1. What a fun Mother's Day!! You deserve it! Love all the sweet pics if the kids. We will have to keep that aquarium in mind...looks so neat!

  2. That sounds like such a wonderful day of family time! What a great way to celebrate being a Mom. I'm so glad it was a special day for you, especially being an older Mom of 50 and all... (hahaha, couldn't resist! I just love those fill-in-the-blank answers from kiddos!)