Friday, November 15, 2013

Halloween 2013

I took the boys to Party City in mid-September and had them browse the Halloween costume section for ideas this year. Luke immediately decided he wanted to be a blue Power Ranger which he referred to as a blue ninja. He liked the fact that his face was covered so no one would be about to recognize him. Jacob on the other hand was undecided by the options he saw. He seemed to be dead set on not being a "character". He is eight after all! :) So he came up with the idea of being a baseball player. Perfect, I thought. We've got baseball uniforms galore. But when he found out we couldn't "buy" a baseball costume he quickly changed his mind?? Soooo, we went back to Party City and he decided on a pirate costume. Pretty good choice in my opinion.

Sarah's preschool had a Trunk-or-Treat that the kids had fun participating in. Sarah decided to be Snow White for this event. With all the princess dress-up costumes she has, she had quite the selection to choose from.

We found another blue Power Ranger!

The kids made cinnamon rolls for breakfast the morning of Halloween. A special sugary treat! Lol!

Sarah had a Halloween parade and she happened to be the line leader that day so she got to lead her class. She decided on Rapunzel this time.

Class picture

Halloween craft at the party.

Love this baby girl!

Story time.

The boy's school had a Dancing Through the Decades celebration on Halloween day. Complete with bounce houses, a diner for refreshments, a dance floor and many more interactive activities. We chose the 50's as the decade to dress up in. White tshirt and blue jeans is an easy option! :)

Since I was at Sarah's Halloween party in the morning I missed Jacob's party. So I took him lunch instead and got to hear all about it.

Luke's party happened to be right after Jacob's lunch time so I was able to go see Luke in action. They had a great time. Then I was back to Sarah's school to pick her up and then back to the boy's school to get them! Whew! It was a crazy day! And we still had the whole night ahead of us!

Our jack-o-lantern pizza for dinner!

About to make our way out.

Walking up to the first house.

Sarah and Jillian.

We met up with several neighbors while out and about.

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  1. Fun Halloween pics!! The kids look so cute in their costumes! Jacob has your sweet little squinty eye smile! :)