Friday, November 1, 2013

October Misc

Here are a few random pictures from the month of October...

My cousin Josh got married at the Belmont hotel last weekend. We had a fun time celebrating with the family.

The Zajiceks

Sarah loves holding baby Andrew.

What boy doesn't like to climb a tree??


Baby girl is still loving her dance class. 

I would say this picture sums up our sweet girl- a race car in each hand while in her dance outfit. A girlie-girl with the influence of two older brothers. 

Nothing screams Fall like the ice cream truck. :)

We've had our first sickness of the season. Sarah had the 24-hour virus first. Just look at those feverish eyes! :(

Three days later I got a call from the school nurse that Jacob had a fever. :(

Then a few hours later, this sweet boy came home! 

He was asleep on the couch within thirty minutes of being home. Nothing makes me more sad than having sick kiddos. Luckily this was a quick one with just fever. 

Sarah has been loving our Halloween decorations. 

Jacob recently had to do his first book report. He chose his favorite book series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Cabin Fever. He also had to decorate a pumpkin as his favorite character from the book. Meet Greg Heffley. He also had to present his book report to the class by reading what he wrote on the poster board. Good job buddy!


  1. So fun reading about your busy month. I love the family pictures at the wedding, they were great! And Jacob did an AWESOME job on his book report!! Connor would've chosen the exact same books. He is so obsessed with the entire Wimpy Kid series that I've banned him from reading them anymore. He would never read any other books if I didn't!! Lol!

  2. Poor sick kiddos - such sad faces! It was fun seeing yall at the wedding weekend! Love you!