Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa Success

Well, we did it! All 3 kids in the picture with Santa. No tears. No screams. All smiles. Well almost all smiles. I knew we probably wouldn't get a smile out of Sarah but I'm ok with that.

We went back to Lewisville so we could get our picture with the same Santa since Jacob was a baby. He is the BEST Santa. So authentic looking. So gentle and soft spoken with the kids. Little Luke was hesitant at first but was happy to tell Santa that he wants a "horsie" for Christmas. He even gave Santa a high five after the picture. Thankfully, Sarah was indifferent to the whole thing. And Jacob was more than thrilled. He said he wanted to go back and talk to Santa some more. And believe it or not, it was Jacob and Luke's idea to wear their Santa hats.


And I just have to post the years past pictures! Oh how these boys are growing up!


2006- heartbreaking I know! This is why we don't have a picture from 2007!!



  1. That is a PERFECT Santa photo! I loved seeing all the ones from years past. If there were to be one of LM this year it would resemble the 2006 version. LOL! He wanted no part of Santa while we were visiting, though he does LOVE to point out and say Santa's name in a book or toy. I also really like the one where Luke is standing off to the side... but still smiling. Precious memories.

  2. Katherine--it turned out GREAT!!! Wow, I'm so impressed that all 3 did so well! Yay Luke!! And I love the boys' Santa shirts. But oh my, Miss Sarah is looking so precious in her Christmas dress, tights, and shoes! I bet you were getting all kinds of admiring glances as you walked your 3 sweet kiddos in to see Santa. I'm so glad it wasn't traumatic and that it turned out to be a fun memory for everyone (Ok, well maybe not for Sarah because she's too young for memories, haha!)

    I know I must be so mean, but I LOVE the Santa photos with screaming babies. When Kaitlynn was getting hers taken this year, the first few were of her screaming and holding out her hands for me to get her. I wanted to buy one of those so bad because they crack me up (but I didn't want to pay the extra $20)! I know, I know, I'm horrible! But the one of Jacob (and you remember that awful one of Connor at that age) is so funny, I love it!

  3. Yea!!!! I LOVE it. What a great picture. I just realized that you have the boys wearing the same shirt in each picture. That's too cute. I'm so proud of Lukie for doing it and he's even smiling! LOVE the past pictures. Poor little Jacob in 2006. Did you show him that picture? I bet he laughed when he saw it. I think I may be taking my kiddos on Friday.

  4. Aww, too fun girl! What a great picture! So glad to hear both the boys had fun talking to Santa. I bet Jacob had a whole story to tell him! :) So cute to see them change each year! :)

  5. Hip-hip-hooray for a Santa photo with three happy kiddos! That's a pretty spectacular feat! (And I'm really diggin' Sarah's outfit!)

    I had to laugh at the 2006 picture because Santa seems just as distressed as poor little Jacob. And your 2007 is our 2010 - no Santa photo. Maybe next year...

    You know how I love the comparison pics. I'm so impressed that you've gotten the same Santa year after year. Really helps to showcase how much the kids have changed and how quickly they're growing up.