Thursday, February 17, 2011

Favorite age

As I mentioned in a previous post, six months of age is one of my favorite ages. So I thought it was worth some comparison pictures. I love to have this type of stuff documented for the memory books. :-)

Jacob- 6 months
19lbs 4oz
26.8" long

Luke- 6 months
18lbs 8oz
26" long

Sarah- 6 months
18lbs 13 oz
27" long

And a few more of our sweet Sarah-bear! (Mommy had lots of fun buying her a new dress for the photo shoot.) :)


  1. Oh TOO sweet girl!!!!!! I totally love that age of babies too - little butterballs! :) Look at Lukee's little rolls! It's amazing the resemblance between Sarah and Jacob too. SHe is absolutely adorable in her pics - great job on the outfit!!!

  2. Be still my heart!!! All of your babies are just little angels, but that Miss Sarah in her polka dot dress... ahhhhh.

  3. It is a fun age, isn't it!

    I LOVE the dress you picked out. Absolutely precious. She is such a beautiful little girl. The comparison pictures are fun too. Little Lukie's rolls are awesome! It's sad how they grow out of that sweet squishy stage.

  4. You are the BEST at the comparison pics - I LOVE IT!! Look at those sweet babies and their precious smiles! I could just eat them up!

    And, girl - that polka dot dress... Well, it's a show-stopper for sure. I will continue to live vicariously through you and Lauri for all of the adorable girls' clothes. =) You both have a knack for picking the good stuff!

  5. OMG, SO precious!! I love seeing all your sweet babies at that age. And I agree that 6 months is the BEST. Unfortunately it doesn't last long enough before they get mobile and become trouble, ha! Sarah looks like a doll in her sweet dress, and you are definitely getting the hang of this girly stuff!