Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gymnastics for Luke

We decided to enroll Luke in a little gymnastics class. For several reasons...now that he is three, I feel like the time is right for him to do a class independent of Jacob. He will be starting preschool in the fall and I feel like he needs to start doing more by himself in preparation for school. Gymnastics is the perfect transition to me...he is in the class by himself but I am there watching. But most importantly, I want him to have an activity all for himself. Something that is his own, something he enjoys doing and has fun doing it.

He needed a little encouragement the first few times hence the coach helping him out during the warm up.

I often hear the coach saying "Luke, wait your turn. Luke, sit down. Luke, get in line." It makes me laugh a little but thankfully he does what he is told. Which is another reason we wanted him in this class...to learn to take direction from other adults and to follow the rules from others.

Time for stamps.

He still puts up a fuss when we first get there. He is never excited about going but once he gets out there he has a great time. And yes bribery has been involved. A blue Icee from Target does the trick, one of his favorites. During his first class, he screams back to me from across the floor, "Mom, can we get my blue Icee now?" It was too funny and several of the other moms sitting around me laughed as well. Gotta love our sweet Lukie!


  1. Precious. And, very wise to give Luke his "own" time and activity. =)

  2. Yay for sweet Lukie. I just love that little guy and his cute little grins! It's great for him to have something special just for him. I love that he asks for his icee while out on the floor. Reminds me of Jackson asking for a sucker on his way to the potty!

  3. oh that's so funny about the icee. :) that's great you are getting him used to his own activities before he starts school in the fall. Sounds like he likes it!! :)

  4. I love every. single. photo. I think it's fantastic for Lukie to have his very own activity. Sometimes it is a little scary to branch out on your own, but I bet his confidence will continue to grow and grow as you prepare him for preschool this fall. I am very proud of him for being so brave. And the icee? Well, sometimes we all need a little incentive to do the things that are hard for us. =)

  5. How fun for Luke!! I think it's a great idea for him to have something of his own to prepare him for preschool next year. Sometimes it's hard for them to let go, but it's SO good for them! And if you have to throw in an icee every now and then, whatever works!! He looks precious doing his gym activities and I bet he'll grow to love it so much. Way to go, Luke!