Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sarah at Six Months

Our Sarah Katherine is six months old today. Can you believe it? Six months, already.

I L.O.V.E this Gerber baby phase, as they call it. Six-twelve months are my favorite. So playful, lovable, chubby, just all around happy. And the last little phase before they are mobile.

Can you believe this was Sarah just six short months ago. Makes my heart ache a little...OK a lot!

Sarah is doing so much these days.
*She is reaching and grabbing for everything. If I'm holding her she is reaching for my hair, my earrings or anything within reach. Holding her during a meal is impossible now. She goes straight for the plate.
*She loves to blow "spit bubbles", as we call them.
*She is very ticklish on her feet and tummy.
*She loves to play Giddy Up Horsie, Pat-a-Cake and Peek-a-Boo. It's fun watching her start to anticipate what is to come.
*She is once again teething like crazy. I expect the front, top two teeth soon. Hopefully very soon! Poor baby girl tries to bite any and everything that comes her way.
*She is wearing size 6-12 months clothes.
*She is still wearing size 3 diapers.
*She responds SO well to Jacob and Luke. Jacob can walk in the room and say "Hi" and she smiles and is on the verge of laughter. She LOVES Jacob. If I need a smile from her, I get Jacob to help. She is finally responding more to Luke. It takes a little more effort from Luke but he is getting some smiles and giggles too.

She is getting so strong. She was leaning up against our bench and continued to stand while I grabbed the camera.

She loves standing any way she can.

She is getting better at sitting up by herself. She still needs some support but is getting stronger.

She continues to love her baths.

I occasionally put her facing forward in the stroller instead of in the car seat. She looks comfortable, don't ya think?

She loves to "fly" in the air. Just couldn't capture the open mouth smile she usually gives us.

I put a piece of ice in her self feeder and she sucked on it until the ice was gone. Hopefully a good sign of things to come.

She recently had her first taste of something other than cereal. I mashed up a banana and mixed it with a little water to thin it out. As you can see, she was NOT a fan of it. I tried mixing it with a little cereal and she ate a few bites but still wasn't interested. I think the consistency wasn't quite right and the texture was too different.

A few days later I decided to give her sweet potatoes and see if she liked these any better. I'm really wanting to make her baby food so I tried it first with sweet potatoes. I cooked 2 and then used a mini food processor to puree them. I had to add quite a bit of water to get it as thin as it needed to be. But I have to say it turned out quite nicely. I will freeze these and pop them out as we need them. I need to try the same thing with the bananas and see if she likes them any better.

She made a few funny faces at first but then ate it all.

She goes for her six month well check in a few weeks so I'll have her stats then. Speaking of health, she has had her fair share of colds so far this winter. Runny nose and a cough. She will have one for about two weeks, is well for a week then gets another one. Luckily she seems to feel fine but it's still no fun. I guess that's part of having a baby during the winter months and her having two older brothers. :-)


  1. 6 months, WOW! I definitely understand how that can make your heart ache a bit. It just goes by in a flash.

    I LOVE the Gerber phase!! SO precious! And yes, enjoy it while you can because she'll be mobile and into everything so soon! I just loved the picture of Sarah and Jacob. Man, what a SWEET big brother! I'll be interested to see her relationships with her brothers evolve. Connor is so in love with his baby sister that he talks of wanting to marry her every single day. (I'm trying not to worry, ha!)

    Sarah, you are too precious for words! Your smile lights up an entire room and your laugh can make even the hardest of hearts melt. I'm so proud of you for eating big girl foods! You are growing up so fast and becoming even sweeter by the day! Try to slow down a bit, for Momma's sake! ;-)

  2. Sweet, sweet Sarah Bear! This is a fun stage, isn't it? She seems to be doing great and right on track. Love that you are feeding her home made baby food. I plan to do the same with Ryan and am excited to get started. I'll have to get some tips from you. :-)

    Enjoy your sweet girl!

  3. Where, oh where, does the time go? How is it possible that she's already six months old and doing so many things? Before we know it she'll be six YEARS old. I'm so glad that you're enjoying each day as it comes. I think the key is to soak up as much of it as you can before it's gone.

    I love that you're making her food. I didn't do that with Alex, but I may attempt it with baby brother. We'll see. Did you buy any special cookbook, or are you just steaming and pureeing? You may need to do a follow up post with special tips for making your own baby food!

  4. Wow - 6 months!!! She could not be more adorable! That's great she is starting to try more new foods. The last picture of her with the sweet potatoes on her face, she totally looks like Jacob! I bet she just adores her fun big brothers! As silly and sweet as they both are, I can't blame her for smiling when they walk in the room! :)

  5. She is an angel, Katherine. Time does fly by... I love how you are taking it all in. Precious.