Monday, January 31, 2011

Our birthday boy

Three years ago today, God blessed us with our second son, Luke James.

His presence brings so much joy to our family.

He is such a unique, special gift from God.

Can't believe he is three years old already.

He had a Cars (the movie) themed party. He LOVES anything Cars. He must have told me 100 times that he wanted a Cars cake. And it had to be chocolate--his favorite.

We had his party at a indoor play place, Going Bonkers. He and Jacob love this place and it was perfect for his party. It was packed since it was a Saturday afternoon but that never seems to phase the kids. The parents...yes but the kids no. :-)

Forget all the other gifts that his friends brought, he was perfectly happy playing with the cake topper cars.

After pizza, he enjoyed his chocolate cake.

Group pic

Our sweet Luke warms my heart daily. Age three is one of my favorite and I look forward to watching him grow and change throughout the year.

On each of our kid's birthdays I always try to take family pictures. I find it hard to do this randomly throughout the year so this is a good reminder.

My three little blessings

Happy Birthday to you my sweet Lukie. I am so thankful for you. I love you and I love your sweet cuddles!!


  1. That post was SO sweet, Katherine! I can't believe sweet Lukie is 3. What a precious, big boy he's turning into! Some words that come to mind when I think of Luke are gentle, loving, tender heart, charming, and of course, super handsome!

    His party looks like SO much fun and I'm so glad he was able to celebrate with his special friends and family. I love all the family pics, too. Happy Birthday, Luke! We love and miss you down here in Houston!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Luke!! Katherine, your family is just beautiful. Hugs and good birthday wishes!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Luke! Your mommy is right - you are a precious blessing, a gift from God. I'm glad you got to have such a special birthday celebration that was full of all the fun things and people you love so much. We're sending you lots of hugs from Virginia and many birthday wishes, too! We love you!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKIE! What a sweet tribute to such a sweet boy. I'm so glad we got to celebrate with you guys. And I'm glad Sarah slept so that you could focus on the birthday boy!

    I love that Lukie loved his cars from the cake the most. I think he and Jackson are kindred spirits when it comes to loving their cars.

    You have a BEAUTIFUL family! Being a mom is crazy and stressful but when I see pictures of young families, like yours, it just makes me smile SO big. So worth all of the hard work!!!