Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Cheers

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone already. We had a great Christmas celebration here with the Webbs and enjoyed our time out in East Texas as well.

At Rhonda and Brian's

Jacob, Luke and Emily had a time wrestling before we opened presents. They had to get that excited energy out some how!

Christmas Eve, after Mass

Our sweet Christmas blessings!

Sorry Kyla...I just love this picture! The expressions say it all! :)

Great pic of my sweet parents

Spreading the reindeer food

Santa brought the boys a trampoline, new table and chairs and sleeping bags.

All the other gifts.

Sarah enjoyed opening a few gifts. But really she just wanted to chew on the paper.

Grandma enjoyed her Sarah cuddles

We love the baby bump! And no, we didn't plan the gray shirts! Ha!

On another note, we met Rhonda and Emily at the mall just before Christmas. I love Emily's expression here. It's as if she is saying "Oh my, these boys are crazy!"

On yet another note, sweet Sarah was 5 months on Sunday. She is a ball of fun. She loved playing with my empty water bottle.

We got the highchair out for another place for her to sit and play. She seems to like it but only for a short while.

The shirt says it all...if I might say so myself! :)

I put some crushed ice on her tray to explore and she seemed to like the cold sensation.

And just for kicks- here is Jacob at 5 months in the highchair.

And Luke at 5 months in the highchair.

We also got the jumper out but she wasn't too sure about this one.

Kisses from the brothers

Strong girl

Thanks to Jacob, we finally got some smiles!

Just look at those 2 bottom teeth!

Sweet, sweet girl melts momma's heart time and time again!


  1. Katherine, your WHOLE family is adorable! You guys and gals are just too sweet. I can totally relate to Faye's enjoying her cuddle time with precious Sarah!

    It was great to see you and your little ones and to meet Kyla. Your mom and dad did a great job on you three sisters!

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. I'm so excited to read your Christmas update. I've been missing you in blog-land! :-) It looks like all the kiddos made the nice list and that fun was had by all! I love the picture of you and your sisters, and Kyla is looking like a real Mama these days! And of course, sweet Miss Sarah...what can I say? She is definitely adorable, just like her shirt says! Her smiles light up the room - so precious!! I hope you are settling back in this week after all the holiday madness. Miss you!!

  3. LOVE the picture of the boys with Sarah in their church clothes. The boys look so handsome and grown up! Sarah keeps getting cuter and growing up way too fast already! Looks like you guys all had a nice Christmas with lots of fun gifts.

  4. Oh the Christmas joy! It's evident in every photograph! So glad that your time with family was so sweet. And I'm glad that we got to sneak in a short visit, too. Thank you for stopping by. Your hug was one of my favorite Christmas presents. =)