Sunday, January 23, 2011

Giddy Up Horsie/Pat-a-Cake

Sarah has recently been enjoying songs like Giddy Up Horsie and Pat-a-Cake. Wouldn't you agree?

Giddy Up Horsie!

Don't fall down!

Pat-a-Cake- Roll 'em up, Roll 'em up

Throw them in the pan.

Oh wait, are those my feet?

I know I can reach them, I know I can.

Almost there!

Got it!

Sweet baby girl!

Meanwhile, the boys got all their emergency/construction vehicles out and were having quite the time playing. And of course I asked for a smile and this is what I got! Ah boys, you gotta love them!


  1. I wish I were there to play pat-a-cake with that precious baby!! Sarah looks SO plump and juicy with those rolls, I LOVE it!! She is just such a happy baby! So sweet!

    And yes, you gotta love the boys' faces. Too funny!

  2. Sarah is one happy baby! She knows she has it good and it shows!! Love the boys "smiles". They are a precious little brood.

  3. Such sweet pics of little Sarah. Ryan has found his feet too. I love it when they reach down and play with them. I think he may be too fat to ever get them in his mouth. Ha!

    I bet Jackson would have loved to be there with the boys to line up those rescue vehicles. It makes me smile that all 3 boys share a love of cars!

  4. haha - oh those boys! :)

    Sarah is so sweet and has the most precious smile! I love when babies find their feet and start chewing on their toes - hehe! So fun that she is in to patty cake and gitty up horsey now! :)

  5. I think "If you're happy and you know it, grab your feet" should be her theme song. =) Sweet girl! And it seems like the boys certainly know how to keep themselves entertained as well! Love the "smiles."