Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy Fun

We enjoyed the snow day on Sunday. It was cold, cold, cold! Rainy in the a.m. but then turned to snow in the afternoon. Jacob was an eager beaver to get out there and play and Luke joined in the fun this year, well kind of.

Luke stood around like this for most of the time. He does NOT like to be cold. Just like his mommy and grandma! :) But he at least had a smile on his face. He lasted for about 15 minutes and was done!

Jacob making a snow angel.

He loved running and falling in the snow and rolling around.

The rainboots we all got for Christmas came in handy!

So pretty!


  1. So fun! I remember snow days as a kid were such a rare treat so you definitely have to get outside and enjoy it while it lasts!

  2. Woo hoo! for fun days playing in the snow!! i remember we used to get sooooo excited back in the day. lol. love those boots!! i'm with Luke now though... 15 min. max!

  3. I'm SO with Lukie. I hate being cold. I can stand the snow for about 1/2 a day if I'm skiing. Other than that, I'd rather be indoors!

    Love the rain boots. Where did you get them??? Get this - Laine found a pair for a really good deal at They came and I was all excited because they were so pretty. They were the kind that come up to the knee. When I tried them on they would not make it past the mid-point of my calf! And that's without pants on!!! They are supposed to go over pants, right??? I was like - you have got to be kidding me! Am I really that fat?????? Uggghhh - like I needed another blow to my self esteem. Geesh! Sorry to ran on your comment page. :-)

  4. I meant rant not ran....though maybe that's a sign I need to start running. :-)

  5. It's so funny to see y'all's snow pictures when we're the ones who usually have snow, and we've gotten none with the storms this time around. I'm a little jealous. I do love to stay indoors and look through my windows to see the snow falling. Yes, I'm like Lukie, give me a blanket, some hot cocoa and a heater please!

    Oh, and I love the rain boots - too cute!

  6. Oh that is too cute! Poor Lukee! :P Looks like Jacob had a blast! So glad they were able to get outside an enjoy it - especially in their cute little boots!

    Love you!