Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer swims

Jacob recently had a week of private swimming lessons. There is a 15 year old that lives in our neighborhood that teaches at our community pool. She has a really full schedule of lessons but we were able to take a child's spot that didn't show up. She was great and he learned a lot.

The first day started with Julianne telling Jacob to swim to her. After he declared he didn't know how to swim, he tried to swim to her by doggie paddling and barely holding his head above water. After a few instructions from her, he learned how to do the American Crawl the first day. I think mostly it was him just trying to stay afloat and surviving the water that got him going.

Going back the second day, he was scared. I think he knew what was ahead and was very nervous about having to swim again. After a few tears, he got in and did it. Julianne really pushed him which helped him but I think also scared him. He also practiced floating on his back, diving for rings and jumping in off the side. He did great all week but was VERY glad when Friday rolled around and it was his last day. :-)

While Jacob did his lessons, Luke, Sarah and I swam on the other side of the pool.

But first things first. Baby girl needed a snack!

In order for me to manage all the kids in the water, Luke has to wear his life jacket. And thankfully, he wears it without a fight. And Sarah usually floats in her baby float for awhile which helps. And now that Jacob is on his way to swimming independently, it should make taking them swimming a lot easier.

Daddy was even able to join us for the water fun one day!


  1. Oh, Katherine, you have your hands full with three in the water at once! Yea, for Jacob for doing so well (especially when a little nervous about it)!! I know his success will give you a little peace of mind.

    Tell Jim we sure enjoyed visiting with him Monday. blessings ~ tanna

  2. So glad we got to witness Jacob's new swim skills in person! Way to go, Jacob!!