Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Fun

Since Kyla, Michael and baby Joseph moved back to Texas a few months ago, my parents have been anxious to have us all together at their house for a weekend. All fifteen of us...eight adults and seven kids! Wow, how our family has grown! My mom had some fun activities planned for us including a trip to the Danville Corn Maze. Here is the corn maze in the distance.

The "jumping pillow". The kids loved it and even some of us adults joined in on the fun.

Jacob and Gabriel at the duck race.


Sarah having her turn!

She had a blast walking around and exploring!


My sweet Godson-Joseph Michael. He is 6 months already!

Sarah enjoying her time with Grandpa!

Train ride

Corn Pit

Tractor ride

Annie and Luke. Instead of calling each other by name, they refer to each other as "best buddy". They are about 8 months apart and play so well together. We get the biggest kick out of watching them together.

Sarah and Grace. Grace is a little momma herself and loves playing with and looking after Sarah.

Can't seem to get enough pictures of this sweet girl!

More cuddles with Grandpa!

The best buddies entering the corn maze.

Sarah and Daddy watching us in the maze.

After the maze, we headed back to their house and enjoyed the remainder of the day outside watching the kids play. Grandma also had some fun games planned. They started with a pumpkin roll.

Then a sack race.

Enjoying the Halloween cookies with spiders and eyeballs made and decorated by Grandma!

Next, time for S'mores.

Something my mom has always wanted is to have a photographer come out to the house and take a family picture of all 15 of us. So the girls and I arranged just that since we were all together. The photographer arrived at 9:00am Sunday morning with all of us dressed in white shirts and blue jeans. We are hoping they turned out. Here is a little preview of a few that were snapped with my camera. I'll be sure to post the others when we get them.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a great weekend. It was great being all together and the kids loved all the special things you had planned for them. We love you!


  1. Grandpa and I had such a good weekend with us "all together". Everyone had some good good time together good food and good weather. Doing the family pictures is a gift we will always treasure! We could never be as blessed in our lives as we are right now!!
    Love you all so much!! Grandma!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness!! WHAT FUN!! Yes, your family has grown so much and can you imagine it any other way?? So wonderful! There is just nothing like those memories you are making for those sweet cousins. I can only imagine how much Grandma and Grandpa cherish those times together with all of you, although if they are anything like my parents, they will need a few weeks to recover! :-)

    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful fall weekend together. What a great idea to hire the photographer. I can't WAIT to see how those pictures turn out!! They are going to be framers for sure!

  3. Looks like a successful trip with lots of grandkid fun! Can't wait to see the pictures. I bet they turned out great. I really love pictures when everyone is wearing jeans and white shirts. I bet your parents will hang their picture with such pride of their beautiful family. :-)