Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Luke lately

Luke has been doing and saying so many fun things these days. Age three really is one of my favorites. He talks constantly and because of that I get to hear him say some of the funniest things.

After accidentally spilling the juice from his push-up popsicle on the floor, Luke says "Hey, watch my replay" as he gets ready to pour the remaining juice out.

In order to teach me how to use his art stamps, he says, "Watch and learn, my friend."

After he got to pick out a new toothbrush and toothpaste at the store, he exclaims, "How FUN is this?"

At dinner one night he says "Something on my leg hurts. I think it's a bumblebee. But a bumblebee is just a bee." (for the record, he did not have a bumblebee on his leg) :-)

He often says to me, "Mommy, can we cuddle on the couch and watch Wow Wow Wubbzy?" I mean how can I say no to that? Even if I am in the middle of something.

When eating, he ALWAYS has to have his dips. Not just one, but two. One is ketchup and the other is Italian dressing. Always!

He loves playing with Sarah. And Sarah loves playing with him.

Luke has three stuffed dogs that he refers to as "my pets". One is Scooby Doo, Clifford and Pups. He takes all three to school with him so he can have them for his rest time. The other day when I picked him up, he was sound asleep with the dogs all around his face. Now, Sarah loves these dogs too. She has her own set of stuffed animals that she likes but she prefers his. Go figure! So, Luke puts them in their 'cage' so she won't bother them. The cage is in between his bed and the nightstand with a pillow standing up in front. When he gets frustrated with Sarah for always wanting his dogs, he goes to his room, puts them in their cage and closes his door.

And speaking of school, Luke started off great. But the excitement wore off after a few weeks and he started having a hard time. He would cry in the car and once we got to his classroom. His teachers were so sweet and patient with him. He would always cry when they transitioned to their music special but was ok after that. He had a hard time for probably three weeks but now is fine and loving it. Thankfully! It's really no fun leaving your sad child behind! Sound asleep during nap time. Sweet boy!

When playing with something or eating something, he always has to have three because simply, "I'm three."

His favorite color continues to be green, his favorite TV show is Wow Wow Wubbzy and Scooby Doo, his favorite snack is push-up popsicles and chips, his favorite breakfast food is waffles and orange juice, his favorite toys to play with are cars and puzzles.

I love watching our sweet boy continue to blossom into his own person, unique in every way. Thank you God for our sweet Lukie!


  1. Oh my sweet Godson! He is such a blessing and is just so precious. I love reading the funny things he said - too funny! It cracks me up that he still has his dip with every meal. :)

    And by the way, I think I have a back ache just looking at him taking a nap on that hard tile floor. They need some carpet! :P


  2. Oh, that sweet Luke!! There is just something so touching and precious about his smile, isn't there? If you are with him and he blesses you with one of those sweet smiles, boy has your day just gotten a million times better!

    I love how his little personality comes out with all the funny things he says. I'm sure he keeps you in stitches! And no, I certainly would NOT be able to turn down cuddles with Lukie. Love that sweet boy!

  3. Yes, a momma must never refuse to sit down to "cuddles and Wow Wow Wubbzy." I don't even know what Wow Wow Wubbzy is, but I do know that cuddles don't always come that often, and you must take full advantage of your baby offering to give them to you! Sweet Luke. What a precious boy. I can't wait to see him (and the rest of the crew) in December! Love you!

  4. Sweet Lukie! We love being able to spend time with him on Fridays. He's a sweetie pie and I'm glad that he and jackson are getting to be good friends. I love hearing all the cute things he says. Age three really is a fun age.

    You'll find this funny - my mom is visiting tonight and she and Jackson were in his room playing. Jackson came out to get something and told me that Mumsey didn't like "why." I guess she told him to quit asking "why." haha!

    Hope you are having fun at your parents house. Can't wait to see pictures.