Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas parties

Long time no blog! I have several (and by several I mean 3-4) Christmas posts coming up. Can you say I.AM.SO.BEHIND! Ok, let's get started, shall we?

Luke had Donuts with Dad followed by his Christmas program earlier in December.
Just look at Luke's smile- so happy to have Daddy with him at school. 

Luke is the second from the right. He somehow got the role as one of the painters. He did so good!

They later joined the remainder of the group- he is on the back row- third from the right. 

Back in the class room.

Our little angel!

There are 14 kids in his class- 2 of which are girls. Yes- 12 boys in one class! Holy moly!

A few weeks later, Luke had his Christmas party. 
Enjoying their pizza lunch.

Their snack craft was making a powdered donut snowman. 


Christmas Bingo! Sarah quickly caught on and played even when Luke wasn't at that center.  She was cracking me up. 

Since their class is the Owls, we found an owl ornament that they got to make and decorate. We used a picture of each student from the Christmas program as part of the ornament. 

We ended the party with a book exchange. 

Waiting in line to collect all their goodies.

Jacob had a Christmas party as well on his last day before the break.

The Assistant Principal delivered letters from the North Pole. The letters were even cold. I guess they stuck them in the freezer to make it seem real that they were just delivered from the North Pole. Such a fun treat for the kids. The kids were so excited.  Ms. Lewis Santa was so sweet to have written each student a personalized letter.  Love!

Shortly after this picture, the little girl that sits across from Jacob says to Luke, "You aren't supposed to give YOURSELF bunny ears..." It was too funny!

Each student made a Christmas card for a solider that couldn't come home for Christmas.

Jacob's best buddy, JT.

JT's mom and me

Class picture

Silly picture

As part of their party each student made an elf hat.

And they got to decorate a graham cracker with icing and candy!

Ms. Lewis is so dedicated to her students. She is passionate about teaching and it shows in so much of what she does!

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  1. Such sweet Christmas photos, Katherine. I know how easy it is to get behind with posting! Especially this time of year. Love Luke's little angel wings!! Reminds me of photos of Zach a LONG time ago. hee hee. blessings ~ tanna