Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pretty Pretty Princess

Miss Sarah is ALL girl these days and I am loving it! Over the past month or so she is really into pretend play, one-on-one play and playing in her room. I often hear her say to me, "play me room, play me room." She is saying more and more words these days and can clearly get her point across.

She is loving her princess dress-up clothes. 
She also likes to make up her own version of certain words. For example:
Ariel= Arie
naked=neck- She loves to say, "me neck, me neck" right before her bath.
She calls all animals by their sounds...a horse is a "neigh", a cat is a "meow", a monkey is a "ah-ah" etc. She loves the show "My Little Pony" and will often say "me watch neigh, me watch neigh"

Our friend Lily had fun dressing Sarah up in her princess dresses. This one fits her perfectly!
Sleeping Beauty loves to wear her play earrings and necklaces.

Minnie Mouse having a tea party.

Cinderella in action.

Sarah was styling her Barbie's hair. She did this for a good fifteen minutes one day.

Chef Sarah loves to whip up a little something in her kitchen.

Hard at work. 
The most precious chef I ever did see.

She took a break from the kitchen to go check on sleeping Minnie. 

We had our friends Lily and Cade over one day and Lily and Sarah had a blast playing outside. They were playing "birthday party" and I loved the Barbies that were perched up on the play set. 
Hard at play.

We had toys all over the place. 

Love these kiddos!


  1. After all those years of having only boys, it sure is fun to see you now getting a mix of 100% pure girly-girl to go with those precious boys. (And getting to live vicariously through you! ;-) ) I tell you, I delight in the thought of watching Miss Sarah's personality develop as she grows up. She will take the world by storm. She was made for extraordinary things.

  2. I love Amanda's comment and absolutely agree that Sarah was made for extraordinary things!! I find it so amazing that these girls of ours are so full of personality (they run the house, don't they??) and that they are such natural girly girls! I just love seeing the pics of Sarah in her princess get-ups. I tell you, if y'all lived closer, Sarah and Kaitlynn would be in heaven playing together because they are so much alike!! Kaitlynn can't be at home without having a princess costume on with a tiara, ha! Miss and love you girl!

  3. She is growing up so fast. Love how girly she is becoming. Will definitely be fun over the years to see the contrast between pink and blue! Love how she is cooking and putting Minnie to bed. What a sweet girl.