Thursday, February 7, 2013

Luke's 5th Birthday

Our sweet little Lukie-Lou is five years old! Five! I think I'm starting to feel kind of old with a 7, 5 and 2.5 year old in the house. We had a great time celebrating our sweet Luke.

The day started out early with gifts from us and a muffin breakfast before school.

Jacob reading his card for him.

Gift time.

We got to celebrate at school by taking donuts up for his snack time. His teachers definitely made him feel special that day.

Prayer time.

He gets so embarrassed during the Happy Birthday song. 

Ms. Carolyn

Ms. Nicole

We told Luke that he could decide where to go for dinner that night. He chose Chili's because "they have the best corn dogs!" So Chili's it was!
He decided to wear his school birthday crown to dinner. And Jacob even bought a gift for Luke with his very own money. He was so proud and excited to give it to Luke. 

My boys!

After dinner, the waiters surprised Luke with a brownie dessert and sang Happy Birthday to him. He was excited and embarrassed! 

The weekend after his birthday my family came up for his party. He opened their gifts at the house before the party. I just love these pictures of his little blushing, embarrassed face while we sang Happy Birthday!

Grandpa cuddle time! Dad usually has the girls in his lap. 

Sarah loves her Papa as she calls him, only because she can't say Grandpa yet. 

Later that afternoon we headed down to Jumpstreet in Plano for his party. The kids got to jump for an hour, then enjoyed a pizza and cake break then jumped for a bit more. They were pooped but had a great time!

Gabriel, Luke and Dawson- two little friends from his class. 

Jackson, Luke and Gabriel

Grace and Lily

Pizza time.

Lots of little friends. Luke had a blast with his little friends. 

Gabriel is his best buddy from school.

He requested a cookie cake- fine by me! :)

Again with the embarrassed face, sweet boy!

So embarrassed!

Happy Birthday little Luke! We love you baby boy!


  1. I've anxiously been waiting for this post! I love all his little birthday pictures! I see he totally takes after his Godmommy in getting embarassed during the happy birthday song! At least he didn't burst into tears like I always did. :P

    So glad he had a fun party and special day with you all! Love our sweet Luke!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday to precious little Luke!! blessings ~ tanna

  3. What sweet pictures you captured for Luke's big day! 5 is such a big birthday, and I just can't get over that Luke is that old already!! His party looked like so much fun and it definitely looks like he got some special attention for his big day. Miss you guys!!

  4. Girl, when your babies are grown and have families of their own, they will never look back and say, "My mom never made me feel special." Because you've got it down. I so enjoy watching all of the celebrations that you have with your family – whether it be birthdays or holidays – you always, always know how to add the special touches that make it wrapped in love. You inspire me. Happy birthday to your sweet Luke!

  5. Sweet Luke! The boys had fun at the party. Glad we got to celebrate with y'all.