Friday, February 22, 2013

A Fun Birthday Celebration

 My sister, Kristina had a big birthday this year. She has joined Jim in the over-the-hill club. She turned 40 on February 16. The kids and I went to my parents for the weekend to help celebrate her big day. (Jim had a commitment at church that weekend). My dad started the weekend off with a round of  apple martinis.

Saturday we thought we would all drive over to Shreveport for something different. We had lunch at the Blind Tiger and then took the kids to a science museum and had a great time. After leaving there we noticed there was a Mardi Gras parade getting ready to start. Apparently this was the family friendly Mardi Gras parade that started at 4:30 so it was a fun opportunity for the kids.

"All linked up" as they say. 

Posing in front of the some of the floats before the parade started.

Just walking by the floats, the kids got all kinds of goodies. 

The costumes and float decor were impressive.

This lady was dressed as Honey Boo-Boo.

The parade lasted two hours. And we stood there the entire time. Even in the drizzle for a bit. The kids were having so much fun trying to dodge catch all the beads and other goodies they were throwing from the floats.

Sarah also managed to get a wand and a crown that she loves and wears all the time. She loves for me to wear it too!

Just look at all those beads!

Fun times!

Seriously the kids had so much fun. It really was fun as each float went by, music blaring, people screaming, beads, stuffed animals, balls, cups flying everywhere. Now, what to do with all these things they collected?? Oy!

Once the parade ended, we grabbed dinner on the Boardwalk at Buffalo Wild Wings. All the other places we wanted to eat at were packed. We had a great dinner and then headed over to a chocolate shop for a birthday dessert. Kristina had a great time and we enjoyed the day celebrating her birthday! Happy birthday seester!


  1. Oh how fun! I didn't realize it was Kristina's 40th, but what a great time to celebrate her big day! I love it when plans come together better than expected. So glad y'all had such a great weekend together. Miss you!

  2. Now that sounds like fun all around! You can hardly beat an outing that both the parents and the kids enjoy. Happy birthday to Kristina who makes 40 look fabulous!! :-)

  3. Aww, thanks Amanda! And fun post seester! It was a fun weekend, and I'm really glad that we got to have the time together! From the martinis to the bead welts-it was great! We might just have to do it again next year...the parade and the 40th celebration...I think I forgot to tell you that I decided that I'm gonna stick with sense in pushing 41, 42, etc. 40 is good, lol! loves!

  4. and ps, I finally broke into my google account, I'm not annoymous anymore! :-)

  5. What a fun weekend. Glad you guys got to have so much fun together.