Thursday, February 28, 2013

Future Father Luke Webb

Recently Luke has had Jesus on his mind and has been saying the sweetest things. Last summer we got a new priest at our church. His name is Father Zach Webb. He was just ordained last summer and is 27 years old. He is a true treasure and has been such a blessing to our parish. His youthfulness is refreshing and the boys have really taken to him. Just before we went to Christmas Mass, Luke says "Instead of Father Zach Webb, I want to be Father Luke Webb." Wouldn't that be amazing!!

We went to Mass on Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. After receiving our ashes Luke asks me "Do I have a cross on my forehead?" When I said yes he started jumping up and down and said "Yea, I have Jesus on my side".

Here was another recent conversation:
Luke: "Did you know we're like pets?"
Me: "Oh is that right?"
Luke: "Yes, we are Jesus' sheeps."
Me: "Oh, you are right. If we are the sheep, then who is Jesus?"
Luke: "He's the leopard." (meaning to say shepherd)

Luke loves to sit down to draw and color. I usually have to get him to explain his drawings and this one was a special one. As you can see he wrote Luke and Jesus at the top. Along with a rainbow, and below the sun is a cross with Jesus on it and he is in the middle. He also drew three little people in light blue and those were the three times Jesus fell carrying the cross. He also explained the yellow circle on the outside was heaven.

    Luke loves to draw something for me and he leaves it on my nightstand as a surprise. I usually have very specific instructions on when I can open it. The other day he told me I had to open it on Valentine's Day. But once I explained that was almost a year away he told me to close my eyes and count to ten. This specific drawing included himself, Jesus, a rainbow, the sun and rain. I love how his little mind works.

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  1. Aww, this is one of my favorite posts - makes me want to cry! Luke is so sweet and has such a kind and innocent heart. Love him!!