Saturday, June 15, 2013

April/May misc pictures

Papa Jim and G-Lana have a friend at their church that has spent the last eleven years building a model train exhibit in his backyard shop. They thought the kids would enjoy seeing it so we all met up to attend the showing. It was very impressive, very well done with lots and lots of detail! At one point, he turned the overhead lights off and turned the trains on that were lit up as well as all the scenes.

This is Disneyworld. You know we liked this scene! :)


The Ozarks.

Hoover Dam

Just look at all that detail!

Golden Gate bridge.

Grand Canyon

Back in April was Kindergarten Roundup! Officially, our sweet Luke is registered for Kindergarten. Sniff, sniff!

The boys wore their new Rangers pj's for the home opener while they watched the game on TV. 

One day when we were leaving the house, Sarah insisted on taking her "blankie" and her "Mi-me pillow" with her. She got all comfy before we left! 

A fun surprise when we went to Chick-fil-a one day. 

We shared a cupcake at Sugar Queen Cupcake in the mall one day. She basically licked off all the icing and was done. Lol!

Happy Birthday Dana!

Our pretty princess!

I was cleaning out our bathroom cabinets one day and Sarah had fun playing with some of my old make-up.  I got my job done and she was beyond content...success if you ask me!   She went straight to the bath once I was done! :-)

And again one morning she found my lipgloss in my bag and had a little fun until I saw what she was doing! 

Right after Jacob lost his 8th tooth!

I found Sarah doing some exercises! She was attempting jumping jacks!

Relaxing while playing on the Ipad.

She decided her My Little Pony needed her hair washed  while I was getting ready one morning. 

She loves the carousel at the mall. 

Celebrating the end of preschool at Braums with buddies Jackson and Ryan. Yummy!

Girls Night Out for my friend Liz who moved to Hawaii last week! :(


Her first side ponytail, with a crown of course!

We met Luke's little friend Gabriel at the park. Sweet buddies! He's missed his little friends since school has been out. 

We went to my parents house over Memorial Day weekend and had a fun time as usual. 
Sarah thinking about getting in the water. 

Luke was ready.

They had a blast. 

They had a little treasure hunt and silly glasses were the prize!

Luke and Annie have always been the best of buddies. 

Tricycle time!

Playing with the old Fisher Price house. It's a favorite toy at Grandma's. 

It's become a normal activity for all of us to play a game of family baseball when we are at my parents. Jacob gets SO excited to play baseball all together.  So excited that he even made a team line up for the game. Batting order and field position. So stinkin' cute!

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  1. Such great pics!! That train display looks so neat! Sarah is so funny with all her little makeup pics, hehe!