Saturday, June 1, 2013

Luke's last day carnival and Pre-K graduation

I'm still having a hard time believing Luke's preschool days are over. The fact that he will be starting Kindergarten in the fall is still amazing to me. I know he is ready but not quite sure Mommy is! :-) He had a great year in the Owl's class and they had a fun carnival day to celebrate the end of the year.

Snack time

Shaving cream fun.

Ms. Karolyn

His best buddy, Gabriel.

Ms. Nicole- his favorite teacher!! 

Thanks for a great preschool experience KDO. 
 To celebrate the end of preschool his school had a little graduation. Waiting in line with another good buddy, Andrew. 

Luke is on the bottom row on the far left. 

When they called his name, Luke got into his silly, embarrassed mode and walked across the stage with his arms swinging and large strides. Everyone got a kick out of him. 

The Owl's

I told Jim I wanted a handshake picture like the one he and Jacob did at Jacob's graduation. So cute!

May 2011- look how little Jacob is! Aww!
Luke sure loves his daddy!

Love this sweet boy! Our big Kindergartener!

Jacob was at his baseball game so he wasn't able to come. Always seems to be a scheduling conflict these days!
Gabriel and Luke

Cade and Luke

With his "diploma"

They surprised us with an official cap and gown photo. Although the day they took these pictures at school, Luke told me, "We took pictures today that my teachers said will make you cry." So sweet!


  1. Aww precious Luke!! So proud of how well he did in his little school! Love the little graduation pics!

  2. That little owls class looked like it was so much fun. All year long I have enjoyed seeing the things they did in that class. I can't believe he's "graduated" and is now on to kindergarten. Where does the time go, my friend? Congratulations, Lukie! So proud of all your hard work this year, sweet boy!