Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jacob's Happenings

*Music Program*
Along with all of Luke and Sarah's happenings, Jacob has been a busy little bee as well. Back in April, Jacob participated in the 1st grade Spring music program. They sounded so good and were so cute. But let me tell you when I told him he had to wear a Folsom Eagle shirt, blue jeans with his shirt tucked in, he exclaimed, "this is the worst day of my life!!" Oh my gosh. He can't stand to wear jeans...really...he can't stand to wear anything other than "athletic wear". Lol!

 Jacob is on the second row from the bottom, right smack in the middle. 

*Star of the Week*
Each student had the opportunity to be the Star of the Week throughout the school year. Since the list was done alphabetically, Jacob's week was in April. It turns out Ms. Lewis was out sick during his week but we tried to keep everything on track. Monday we were to send in 15 pictures that he got to show the class and then display on the bulletin board for the week. He also had to bring in his Fun Fact sheet he filled out. Tuesday we were to send in a special note from mom and dad that Ms. Lewis would read to him in front of the class. Wednesday I got to go up to the classroom and read the class a story. Jacob chose "Batter Up, SpongeBob". (*note- we are not SpongeBob fans therefore we do not watch the show but he loves this book- just had to throw that in there*) Thursday we could go up for lunch and they could have a friend eat with us. Friday the class worked on their page for his special book that Ms. Lewis spiral bound together.

His pictures on display in the classroom. 

He chose his baby picture to be displayed in the hallway with his Fun Fact sheet. 

He chose his friend Conner to sit with us at lunch.
I wanted to include the sweet note that Ms. Lewis wrote to him in his binder. So so sweet! So proud of the little man our Jacob is becoming!

Dear Jacob,
You are such a neat little boy and I love your sense of humor. It is so much fun to see you "get" some of the funny things I say and do. You always make me laugh when I see you laughing at me for something silly.
 I am amazed at the level of thinking you do on a daily basis. You certainly keep me on my teacher toes when it comes to that. I really believe that God has gifted you with a very talented mind that sees things in a very unique way and I can't wait to see what you grow up to do.
 You are such a good friend to everyone in this room and your kind heart is so noticeable.  Others are drawn to you because you are kind and encourage people with your words. You are such a good example of a well-mannered young man that others can look up to. Many of the students in our classroom want to be like you and look up to you. You are a natural born, quiet leader in our class. 
I have enjoyed teaching you and it has been such a privilege to share a small part of your growing up years with you. I love you dearly and can't wait to share in all of the great things you will do as you get older!
Ms. Lewis

Here are a few things his classmates had to say about him in his binder:

Jacob is special because...

-He is a tough athlete.
-He is a good friend.
-He is funny.
-He is quiet.
-He is good at playing tag. 
-He is considerate of people around him.
-He has a good heart. 
-He is always fair.
-He is good at baseball.
-He is a good reader.
-He loves Ms. Lewis
-He is a really good classmate.

Ms. Lewis also had this to say about you on the picture slideshow DVD she made for each of you. Such a special treasure to have from 1st grade...

Is there anything related to math that you cannot do? You are our strong mathematician and you are such a whiz at it. I love your sense of humor and how you get things that other students don't. You laugh at all of my silly jokes and it cracks me up. You have been such a good friend to many in our classroom and all the students look up to you for your hard work. I have loved teaching you and you are my "Owl" from Winnie the Pooh.

*End of year Awards*
First grade had a little award ceremony the last week of school. 
Getting a hug and his award packet from Ms. Lewis

Hugging Ms. Jones our principal and Mrs. Morris our assistant principal.  We love them dearly!!!

It turns out he received the Outstanding Student certificate for P.E. And it turns out there was only one P.E. award per grade- he got it for all of 1st grade! Wow! If he is ever asked what his favorite thing about school  is he always says P.E. He must have put forth some serious effort in P.E! Way to go Buddy!
He also received the Academic Excellence award for Math. There was one issued per class. He is a math machine I tell ya. He often asks me to ask him math facts and can do them in his head!   

*Field Day*
Field Day was held the week before school was out. Lots of the games included water which the kids loved.

Look at that determination!

Two of his best buddies, JT and Nicholas.

Jacob and Ms. Lewis

One last lunch with my 1st grader!
*Last day of school*
We finished the year with a bang. First grade had their party from 9:30-10:30 and we were free to leave from there. The kids got to enjoy two bounce houses, several games and snow cones. And let me tell you once we were done outside and went back to the classroom to say goodbye, Jacob was ready to go! We were out the door at 10:35.

Believe it or not, Nick is about two months older than Jacob! Lol!

Snow Cone break with some buddies.

Thanks for a great year Ms. Lewis! We will miss you!

I had a few goodies for the kids once we got home. 

They were excited! :-)

PJ's- baseball pj's for Jacob and shark pj's for Luke, a new DVD, new Wii game (that I got for free) and of course summer workbooks!  And Sarah got a Cinderella doll that she loves! 
SO SO happy summer is here! We have thoroughly enjoyed our first week of summer. We have had several friend play dates, went swimming several times, went to the park several times, went to the library and checked out some summer reading books, went to see the movie The Croods, had two baseball playoff games (blog post coming soon), visited the snow cone stand and have enjoyed our mornings while not rushing out the door for school! Hip hip hooray for summer!


  1. Sweet Jacob! I'm so proud of how well he did at school. So fun to see all the pics from his school programs and activities. He is looking so big, especially with his little spikey hair! :)

  2. Jacob only wanting to wear athletic wear? Alex, too. Mostly because of the comfort factor. Jacob's little friend Nick? That will be Roo. Poor thing - he's way down in the 24th percentile for height.

    I am so proud of your sweet Jacob. His heart, his dedication, his effort to apply himself in school...he is, no doubt, the very best combination of his mom and dad. ;-) He is the kind of friend that other mommas would be proud for their sons to have. Congratulations, Jacob, on another awesome year of school! Enjoy your summer!!

  3. I loved reading about Jacob's end of year activities. And oh my goodness, we are SOOOOO proud of Jacob's accomplishments in 1st grade! To be singled out in his entire grade is AMAZING, I can't imagine how much effort that requires! I guess I never realized how much he loves math and athletics, but what a great combination of talents!

    And sweet Lukie...can you BELIEVE he will be in Kinder??? I am a little overwhelmed by that; he's not supposed to be that big yet! The other day I watched the kindergarteners walk by at VBS and thought to myself how little they seem, but our boys didn't seem so little when they were in K did they??

    I'm so sorry I've been neglectful on blog comments, but I have read and enjoyed every single post. It's the only way I'm keeping updated with you guys lately, so keep the updates coming! Miss you girl!!