Monday, May 10, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

The search has begun...for baby girl's nursery bedding. And boy, is it fun! Mom and I went over the weekend and had a great time looking at all the girlie stuff! It's a different world from all the monkeys, airplanes, cars and sports let me tell ya!

Below are 3 bedding sets that we found that I like. Now deciding on which one is the hard part. That's where I would like your help. Let me know your vote...remember the walls are painted a light green.

This one is a lot cuter in person than how it looks here

Please try to ignore the oh so cute room on this one. Just look at the bedding.


  1. Oh, how fun to be looking at such sweet girlie stuff! LOL! It is a tough choice... I kind of like the first one just a nose better than the others, but I think they are all adorable!!

  2. They are all so sweet! I think my fave is #2 but they will all be perfect for little Sarah!

  3. I like #3 the best. I'm thinking you're not going to come up with a clear winner by the looks of these first three comments! LOL! But I know that no matter which one you go with, you will make it all look great. =)

  4. I like #1 the best and #2 the second best. But they are all cute and sweet and girlie! Can't wait to see what you pick and how it all comes together. LOVE all the pink. :-)

  5. hehe - I like # 1 and #3 the best - but you know that's because of my obsession with daisies. :) I think #1 is my absolute favorite - it's so sweet and dainty - just like little Sarah will be. :)