Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hard work pays off

I decided a few months ago to enlist Jacob to help with household chores. I remember at his 4 year well check, his pediatrician talking a lot about including him in household duties. Age 4 apparently is a good age for this help and I would agree!

I decided to give him an "allowance" for his chores and teach him a little about money and responsibility. (or as much as you can to a 4 year old). I encouraged him to save his money until he reached $10 and we would then make a special trip to Target where he could pick out a toy. For the most part, he has been very helpful...

Using our new Shark vacuum to keep the tile and rugs clean in the kitchen

Helping me unload the dishwasher by putting up their plates and cups

And silverware

Collecting the dirty laundry from their room and bringing it to the laundry room

And of course helping me put up his clean laundry

All while Lukie supervises

And clean towels

So, after weeks of hard work, we finally counted out his money from his piggy bank. He had a total of $9.38. I decided it was close enough and I threw in a little extra to cover tax etc.

He traded in his change for dollars

And tucked it away safely in his very own Lighting McQueen wallet

And off to Target we went

He had decided ahead of time he wanted to buy his first Nerf gun. And might I just add that I am really not a fan of guns and kids playing shooting etc. But I also realize that it is somehow ingrained in little boys to play this and a part of who they are. So, Jim and I decided ahead of time to let him go ahead and buy a Nerf gun and felt that he was old enough to understand the do's and dont's of having a "gun".

After showing him the toys that were under $10, he chose this

I heard him tell Luke "Lukie, I can buy you something too with my money." He was so excited so I threw in a few dollars for a little something for Luke. So, Luke got a hot wheel car that Jacob picked out for him.

He was so excited to pay for it all by himself

"How much am I supposed to give her?"

The cashier was great and she made sure I got all the pictures I wanted. So nice!

Seriously with the face, but he loves his new toy!


  1. Jacob, your Aunt Amanda is so proud of you for helping your mommy out around the house. I know that she appreciates it, and you are setting a wonderful example for Lukie. I also want to tell you how proud I am of you for sharing your hard earned money to buy him a special gift, too. You are so thoughtful. I can't wait to give you all kinds of hugs next month! I love you!

  2. Yay for Jacob! Uncle Laine really enjoyed playing with the nerf gun the other day. I'm thinking he needs to save his money to buy one!

  3. Oh, Katherine that is so great! I love how you turn his enthusiasm for helping into getting those household chores done. Every little bit helps, right? Tell Jacob that we are very proud of him and that he is setting a great example for Connor, who is slowly getting the hang of this helping thing as well. And how sweet that Jacob really wanted Luke to have a gift, too. The expression on Jacob's face in the checkout line is priceless! Love those boys!!

  4. I think this is my favorite post ever! :) That's such a fun idea and I love all the pics you have to go with - so neat to see the excitement on his little face with his little red wallet. Sweet fella.... :)

  5. Katherine, Jacob is just precious doing his chores and sharing with Luke from his earnings. Love it!!