Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet, sweet boys

We have been keeping busy lately with a little of this and a little of that. We've been trying to find our way in our new area, finding new activities, meeting some new friends and preparing for the summer. We've checked out the Frisco library story time recently and the boys love it. While we were there we checked out some new books to read...four out of the five were Clifford, The Big Red Dog. Luke loves watching the show on PBS and I was glad we found the books at the library.

Part of Luke's night time routine includes sitting on the couch, under the green blanket while I read his Clifford books to him. He loves it!

He loves the green blanket

Hot or cold weather, he loves wearing his Elmo slippers that he got for Christmas

Jacob finished his swim lessons today. He did well but still has a lot to learn and fears to overcome. He swims great on top of the water but still doesn't like putting his head under. He says he doesn't like getting his eyes wet. We will probably sign him up for the next session which starts next week.

Floating on his back

He is on the left, swimming on a noodle

Waiting his turn

Proudly holding his completion certificate

On another note, here are a few more recent conversations from Jacob that made me laugh...

He and Luke were playing in my room one morning while I was getting ready. In his best efforts to talk tough to his brother, this is what I heard...
J: "Lukie, do you wanna piece of meat?" (his attempt to say "do you wanna piece of me?")
And again "Lukie, do you wanna piece of meat? Like 3 pieces of meat?"
Then I jump in and of course I'm dying laughing, "Jacob, what I think you are meaning to say is "do you wanna piece of me".
J: "Oh no mom, it's do you wanna piece of MEAT"
I say "Oh ok, where did you learn that?"
J: "I don't know, I just made it up."
That he did!

Jacob and Luke both love playing their guitars and the air guitar. They like playing "rock and roll." Not sure where this comes from but they love doing it. And recently Jacob has been saying to Luke: "Luke, lets rock some roll." :)

The other day we had stopped by Jim's office and when we were leaving and he realized Jim was staying at work he says:
"Since Daddy is still at work, I'm going to take care of Luke, mommy, Sarah and (long pause)... eventually me."
How sweet is he? He includes baby Sarah as if she is already here. And that he used the word 'eventually' appropriately made me laugh.

Oh goodness, what a joy these boys are to us! They make the hard days...easy, the bad days...good and they constantly bring a smile to my face!


  1. The "piece of meat" story is the best one yet. I love how he was SO sure it was "meat" not "me." It won't be long until the boys are boxing it out! Yikes! Can't wait to meet you guys at the library!

  2. Oh - sweet boys they are! What precious stories! :) I love Jacob being the good protective big brother. That's great that Lukie is so into his books. His little slippers made me laugh. :) Love my little fellas!

  3. Sweet, sweet boys indeed!! The conversations are priceless. Thank goodness for blogs to make us document these funny things they say; otherwise we'd never be able to remember them when the kids are older. They'll crack up to hear these stories!

    Congrats to Jacob on his swim lessons! Hopefully you are in for some fun days at the pool this summer. And yay Luke for his Clifford books! It's great to start them on books so young.

    I see lots of fun summer days in your future!!

  4. Sweet, sweet boys... looking forward to sweet Sarah! =)

  5. I am counting down the days until I can get hugs from these sweet boys! I hope that Luke will let me read him a Clifford story, and I hope that Jacob will show me all he's learned in his swim lessons. And maybe little Sarah will give me a kick or two. =)