Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lessons learned

Lesson #1:
Always, always take off baby's shirt before giving her an avocado in the self feeder.

Lesson #2:
Never, ever give baby avocado on a school morning. Not much time left for a much needed bath on a morning when we are rushing to get out the door.

Lesson #3:
Only, only give baby avocado just before scheduled bath time!

Isn't avocado supposed to be good for the skin? Well, let's just say sweet girl got a nice spa avocado facial and scrub!


  1. Looks like she made guacamole. yum! That is just so darn cute! I think Ryan is going to try avocado next...

  2. haha! Definitely a little body scrub for her huh? :) I bet that was entertaining watching her get to that point! Wonderful that she likes avocado though! :)

  3. LOL! She did make herself an avacado spa treatment, didn't she? LOL! Looks like Sarah really enjoyed her guacamole!!

  4. But, Mom! Look at that face! She's just as happy as can be eating her avocado before school. I think she likes the mess, too! Tell Jim he may need to put in some extra hours so that he can save up for baby girl's future spa treatments. =)

  5. She is just so cute! I love that smile!

  6. Spa treatment indeed!! Those pics are too precious. I love seeing how Sarah is enjoying her solids. Man, they just don't get any cuter than that!! Love and miss you!!!