Monday, April 11, 2011

Growing up

As if recently registering Jacob for Kindergarten doesn't make me feel like my baby boy is growing up, the fact that he lost his first tooth over the weekend sure does!

About a month ago, his bottom teeth starting spacing out and he had a little gap in the middle. He asked me daily if his teeth were loose but they never were. Until last Wednesday night. I noticed it when I was brushing his teeth before bed. He was so excited about it all weekend and wiggled it every chance he got. I decided to take one last picture with all his baby teeth!

It fell out on Sunday right after we were leaving the bluebonnnet fields (pictures to come soon). I had told the boys if they gave us some good smiles in the bluebonnets, I would give them a ring pop. You know, the little ring with a sucker on top. They love these. What a perfect incentive to smile, right? So we got into the car and they immediately open their ring pops. For some reason, I turned around and saw something white on Jacob's tounge. When I asked him what was in his mouth, he took it out and it was his tooth! He thought it was part of his sucker and almost swallowed it. Could you imagine? Then, he went to hand it to me and he dropped it. It took all of us a good 5 minutes to find it in the car. Whew- crisis diverted! And I just happened to have my camera handy!

He couldn't wait to safely put his tooth in his tooth fairy pillow.

He laid it in between his bed and the nightstand. He said he wanted to have it close by and he was going to keep his hand on it so he would know when the tooth fairy came. Sweet boy!

The tooth fairy brought him $2. Four quarters and a dollar bill. It seems like more that way, right? :) He was pleased! His other front bottom tooth is already a little loose so I expect now that he has lost the first one, all the other ones are close to follow!


  1. You know, as parents, we work too darn hard getting those baby teeth in for them to just fall out like that. :p Love his tooth pillow!

  2. I can't believe he lost his first tooth! Where did you get the pillow? Did you already have it or did you have to run out and get it? I was wondering what the tooth fairy paid now days - now I know. :-) Such a fun milestone!

  3. Such a big boy!! Oh, it just doesn't seem like he should be getting so big boy. Love the little snaggletooth smile!! Precious. blessings ~ tanna

  4. Yay for Jacob! I know he must be super excited to be in the "lost-tooth" club now, ha! I am so glad you managed to take a last photo of his baby teeth for comparison - awesome!

    I know I keep saying this, but I just don't think I'm ready for our boys to be this big. How can they be old enough to lose teeth and start kindergarten?? (I registered Connor the other day...surreal!) I'm so glad that we'll be following in yours and Jacob's footsteps so that we have a "path" to follow.

  5. First kindergarten enrollment and now the first lost tooth?! Nooooooooo! It's just going by too fast! I'm with Lauri - I'm not ready for the boys to be this big. They're all growing up too fast for my liking. Love all the photos and that you thought ahead to get a good "before" photo before it was too late!