Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Joseph Michael

My sweet sister Kyla and her husband Michael welcomed their first baby boy into this world on Sunday, April 16, 2011. 9lbs 11 oz and 21" long. What a healthy baby boy!

After several days of contractions, they decided to go to the hospital only to get sent home because her contractions weren't regular enough. After another sleepless night and more regular contractions they headed back to the hospital the next day and got admitted. After she received her epidural, her contractions basically stopped. The doctor felt that the baby was just too big and wasn't able to move down and allow her contractions to continue. After much consideration of the doctor's suggestion, they opted for a cesarean. Once they received the news of his weight, they knew they made the right decision. In fact, she said the nurses weighed the baby three times because they thought he looked like he should weigh more than he did!

One last picture before the surgery.

Kyla meets Joseph

Sweet baby boy!

We are so happy for you guys and I can't WAIT to meet my new nephew and Godson!


  1. Oh my goodness. Look at those bright eyes. He is absolutely beautiful!!! Tell Kyla I said congratulations and welcome to motherhood!!!

  2. Congratulations to Michael and Kyla! He is adorable!

  3. Oh my! What a PRECIOUS baby boy! He is just oh-so-sweet and I can only imagine how overjoyed Kyla and Michael must be! I can't believe how big he is, that's crazy!!! Thanks for posting these pics and give the new Mommy our best!

  4. Congratulations to Kyla and Michael! I love the picture of Kyla meeting Joseph and the last picture of little Joseph. So, so sweet! She's going to be a wonderful momma - he is one blessed little boy.