Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A fun-filled weekend

This past weekend, my parents and Kristina and family came into town. It all started with the boys (Jim, Oscar and my dad) going to the Mavericks play off game Friday night. They had the best time and literally all three had a hoarse voice the next day from cheering so much. They got to see a great win so it made it all worth it.

Just look at those faces!

Saturday morning we all went out to watch Jacob's 9:00 baseball game and 11:00 soccer game. He had quite the cheering section at both. We also had some special friends come out to watch the soccer game, Dana, Laine and boys. Thanks again for coming guys!

One of Jacob's best buddies from his class, William, was on the team we played. They got a kick out of playing against each other. Here they are after the game.

This was Jacob's last soccer game of the season. So after the game, I took him to the end of season party at Chick-fil-a where they got their trophies.

Later that afternoon, Mom, Kristina and I left all six kiddos with the dads and Grandpa and went and treated ourselves to a Mother's Day pedicure, yogurt and new summer shoes. We had a fun afternoon of girl time and enjoyed being kid free for a few hours...three to be exact! ha! In the meantime, while watching the kids, the boys enjoyed getting out the good ole smoker and smoking a variety of meats for dinner. Ribs, pork tenderloin stuffed with green peppers and garlic, wrapped in bacon and seasoned chicken was on the menu. Along with pinto beans and cole slaw. We had a great feast.

Before we left for Mass Sunday morning we had to do the traditional pictures. Mommies and her babies!

What a difference a year can make. Cancer free and a nine month old baby! :-)

After Mass we headed to The Ballpark in Arlington to see the Rangers play the Yankees. We had a fun day at the ball game...sun, heat and all. :)

The boys...Jacob, Gabriel and Luke

This was Sarah's first Rangers game!

Oh and Friday at Jacob's school they honored the mothers- Muffins with Mom. After breakfast, they presented us with the crafts they made us. So sweet and special!

Whew! I don't know that we could have fit anything else into this weekend. But it was a fun time. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. Whew! That was a perfect weekend if ever there was one! Glad all you Mom's enjoyed your day together and the guys and kiddos had a great weekend, too!

  2. Now THAT was a busy, fun-filled, wonderful family weekend! What a treat to be able to spend your special day with your whole family. All of the pictures are GREAT. The one of the 3 "boys" just cracks me up!! Such goofy grins! And I love the ones of you with your sister and Mom as well as with your kiddos. And sweet Sarah with Grandpa Charlie -- man, could that smile be any bigger? So precious!! Definitely a fun weekend for the Mommies and everyone else, too!

  3. I'm tired just reading your post! Sounds like a very busy but very fun weekend! I'm so glad you got to spend lots of quality time with your family and especially with your mom and sister. How fun that you guys got to get away and have girl time! Sarah looks absolutely precious in her Rangers outfit. So so cute. I'm glad we got to come to Jacob's game but am sad that we were late because of my terrible sense of direction.

    See you tomorrow.

  4. What a weekend! I love that you got to spend it with most of your family. And that you all were out and about doing fun things! I'm sure Kyla wishes she could have been there to join you all.

    I wish that our little family could have been right next to Dana and crew on the sidelines of Jacob's games cheering him on. What fun!

    You look beautiful as ever. Happy belated Mother's Day, my friend. Glad you got to celebrate in the very best kind of way. Love you!