Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nine months and crawling

Sarah was nine months old on Monday, May 2. Baby girl is getting so close to being a year, it just doesn't seem real! She is one busy girl. However, things are about to get even busier because she has finally figured out how to crawl. She has been in position for over a month now but never would coordinate her arms and legs together. Until a few days ago, nine months and one day, she figured it out.

(I do apologize in advance for my really cheesy voice-haha!)

I have a feeling she is going to be ALL over the place now. Keeping up with her brothers for sure. Now is the time for some major baby proofing. I get so nervous thinking about all the toys that Jacob and Luke might leave out that she can get her hands on. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.

I took her for her well check and she is 21 lbs, 3oz(90th%) and is 28.5" long (90th%). One thing about her is she has been in the 90th percentile her entire life. Jacob has always been in the 75th percentile and Luke in the 50th percentile. It's going to be so crazy if she is the tallest one in the bunch. Her well check also turned into a sick visit. Turns out she has a little yeast infection and also has a mild case of croup. She started with a typical cold over the weekend and her cough and cry started sounding hoarse. So the doctor gave her steroid drops which will hopefully help. Oh and she is teething. So let's just say that there have been some restless nights and fussy days lately.

Here are some other things Sarah has been up to:
*She is now wearing size 4 diapers.
*She is wearing size 12 month in clothes. Some 12-18 months depending on where they are from.
*She has 5 teeth and I think she is working on the next 3--all at once.
*She has started pulling herself up to her knees and has made it to her feet a few times.
*She is very verbal. We hear lots of da-da, ma-ma, ba-ba and other sounds. She doesn't use these sounds appropriately yet but she has lots to say.
*When she gets excited she has started wrinkling up her nose and breathes really fast.
*She is eating well. She is still eating some baby foods. But loves to eat finger foods. She usually eats yogurt in the morning, and either a fruit or vegetable for lunch and dinner.
*Finger foods she has tried and likes--avocado, sweet potato, carrot, pinto and black beans, kiwi, cantaloupe, apple, banana, chicken, black olives.
*And of course she likes her snacks--puffs, cheerios and goldfish. She likes goldfish the best. If I give her one of each, she always picks the goldfish first.
*She is starting to show some signs of separation anxiety. (not a fun phase!!)
*She still responds so well to Jacob and Luke and loves it when they interact with her.
*She loves taking her bows off, headband and all. If she does wear it, it's not for long. As soon as she notices it, it's off. It makes me a little sad that she won't keep them on now. A girl has got to wear a bow!! :-) Oh and I will say that apparently her gender is in question when she doesn't have a bow on. The other day she had on a purple shirt, a pink bib, without a bow and some one says to her "How are you sweet boy?" Now I know at this age with the short hair, it's hard to tell sometimes. But really, nothing says GIRL like purple and pink. Makes me laugh!


  1. Those eyes make me smile every time I see them. Big, blue, gorgeous, sweet, happy little eyes - oh, they just melt my heart. And then when she smiles...well, that just takes the cake.

    Miss Sarah-bear will be busy, busy keeping up with her big brothers. And I understand your fears about the toys. Alex put everything in his mouth, too, and it just about drove me nuts to watch for every little thing. I can only imagine what it must be like to have to be on the lookout for small toy parts.

    Croup and teething?! Oh goodness. Alex just finished a bout of croup, and it was no fun at all. I hope her steroid drops help quickly and that she's on the mend soon. And that those teeth come through and give you a break for a little while.

    Miss you and love you, friend.

    PS - I tried to watch the video, but it said it was "private" and wouldn't let me view it. =(

  2. This is such a fun age! I just LOVED reading all about Sarah's new tricks. And crawling, oh my! Watch out world, here she comes! (I couldn't see the video's marked as private.) I'm sure she'll be keeping you on your toes now and getting into everything. As fun as I think this age is, I've always said that I also think it might be the hardest -- from about 9 months to 18 months -- because it's just impossible to keep them out of trouble and free of injuries that inevitably come with their new independence!

    Sarah's pictures are precious and her smile is so infectious! Man, I just don't think there can be a bigger grin that you get in those sweet pictures! Her hair is really coming in, too. It looks like it might have a reddish tint to it?

    One thing I'll pass along, I remember when Kaitlynn started pulling off her bows and head bands and I was SO sad. It was about that time that I noticed a little girl at a play area one time and she had her hair in piggy tails with like 2 strands of hair in them. I thought, if SHE can wear piggy tails then surely K can. So I think Miss Sarah is just about ready for her little piggy/pony tails, and when you stick a bow on top, they aren't easy to pull off so they tend to stay longer than the headband bows. Maybe when I come visit this summer, we can have a girly hair workshop! Ha!

  3. It seems like little Sarah bear is light years ahead of Ryan. She's going to be leaving him in the dust! haha She's such a big girl wanting to hang with her brothers. Too cute.

    I loved Lauri's comment about the pig tails.
    Can't wait to see Sarah in those some day!!!

    I hate having to keep small toys and parts away from Ryan. Jackson still doesn't understand that Ryan can't play with some of his toys.

    I'm so glad I'm around to watch little Sarah grow up!

  4. I LOVED seeing the video!! It is so precious when they first start realizing that they are getting places all on their own! She is probably zooming around by now! PRECIOUS!!!

  5. She's so cute! Emily went through the anti-bow phase too. Once her hair got long enough for me to keep a bow on, she finally gave up on taking it out. Soon she wanted to wear the bow all of the time! I can't believe she's almost a year old! Oh, and Emily is always in the 90th percentile for height so they'll tower over those boys! So funny.

  6. Aww, this is too cute! I can't believe she is crawling! What a fun time - she is just too cute!