Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our little graduate

And so it all begins. One chapter of life ends and another begins in Jacob's little life. Jacob's preschool days are officially over. Boo-hoo-hoo! Jacob graduated from Pre-K on Friday and his school had a little ceremony to celebrate this milestone. I can almost see his high school graduation picture being compared to this preschool picture, in just 12 short years!

And I just have to add that I have absolutely loved his school this year. I was a little nervous about switching from the school he went to for two years in Lewisville but we had a great experience at his new school. I'm going to miss it, for sure.

They even had programs printed.

Singing a few songs.

He was so excited to walk on the stage and get his certificate.

Daddy being silly!

Some of his little friends. And Sarah peeking out from behind!

And just had to post this picture of sweet cheeks!


  1. One of many, many milestones that will fill your heart with pride and joy!! He is a very handsome young man! Congratulations, Jacob!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, Katherine! That graduation picture of Jacob gave me quite the start! He looks SOOOO handsome and official in his cap and gown, especially with the shirt and tie. I LOVE it!! That is such a keeper, and I can totally picture it side by side with his high school graduation pic. And that, too, will be here before we know it!!

    Were you a little sad at his graduation? Some of the parents at Connor's had tissues and such. I can't say that I felt sad there, but I am definitely feeling anxious about the transition to kindergarten and how that will change our lives. How did we get here so soon??

    Tell Jacob that we are so proud of him and to enjoy his LAST summer as a free man, ha! We can't wait to come visit and let the kids play before being tied down to the school calendar for the next 18 years, haha!

  3. Lauri- I actually didn't get teary or really feel too sad at his graduation. I do feel sad that this time in his life is over. The preschool years are so special, so innocent and I have loved the time with him. Jacob turning 5 was also really hard for me. There was just something about it that felt different, 5 was big!
    I do feel anxious and nervous about him starting Kinder though. Public school is a whole new world (like we had recently talked about) and I have always felt like kids grow up so much in Kindergarten. Aug 22 is his first day of Kinder, when does Connor start? I'm SO glad we will be going through this together! It's going to help having a close friend experiencing the same things! :-)

  4. After reading yours and Lauri's comments, I feel like I shouldn't be sad about this milestone, but I'd be lying if I said I weren't. For both Connor and Jacob! Of course, I'm filled with such pride and joy for both of them, too, but it's just so hard to believe that this big chapter of their lives is closed.

    Jacob looks so grown up in his cap and gown. So official, too. I look forward to the day I get to see this picture side by side with his high school graduation photo. And then the college one, too. So proud of your sweet little guy. Please give him hugs from his Aunt Amanda.