Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Full of life at Fifteen months

When I think of our sweet Sarah here is what comes to mind...energetic, sensitive, curious, engaging, strong-willed, playful, loving, busy, girlie in every way, and as sweet as a cupcake! Ah, our sweet, sweet Sarah.

While I was picking out our fruit, she found a shopping basket and had such a time playing with it. She first put it on her arm and carried it around and then decided it would be fun to climb into and sit for awhile.

Helping Mommy push the cart. She is WAY too busy to sit in the cart these days.

And when she is sitting in the cart, she's in the back with Luke.

She loved riding the carousel at the mall.

Love, love, love all these fun girl clothes!

And speaking of style, baby girl just had to get her first pair of boots.

Nothing says a good nights rest like this bed-head!

We found Sarah and Ryan sitting on the treadmill in the office.

Watching the ducks.

*Sarah has fourteen teeth, with the next two just about to break through.
*She weighs 23 lbs 12 oz (75%) and is 32" long (95%). She grew 1.5 inches in three months. She is one tall girl!
*She uses three words over and over. Mommy, Daddy and doggie. Every animal she sees is "doggieeeeee" to her.
*She continues to be a picky eater. She eats best on the run, out of her highchair. She will come over for a bite and then is off to explore.
*She loves wearing everyone's shoes around the house. In fact, she loves wearing her own shoes. She will randomly get her shoes, bring them to me, sit down and put her foot up in the air for me to put them on. She loves to just wear them around.
*If I'm wearing a necklace or bracelet she tries her hardest to take it off of me so she can put it around her neck or on her arm.
*She enjoys brushing her teeth.
*She is understanding so much of what we say. She can usually follow a two step direction.
*She can point to several body parts when asked...nose, ears, eyes etc.
*She loves giving you a high-five.
*She loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
*She loves putting things in the trash. I just have to watch her because she loves putting EVERYTHING in the trash.
*She loves climbing everywhere. She once climbed up onto one of our barstools, stood up and was banging on the computer keyboard! Eek! Can't take my eye off her for a minute!


  1. Sarah is our little fashionista!! Heaven help the shopping bills later on! hee hee! She is a living doll, Katherine! I know she delights you every day. That continues throughout a lifetime... just ask your Mom. ;) blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  2. She is full of life, isn't she!? She really has such a great little personality and I'm loving getting to watch her grow up.

  3. Oh, Katherine. I get excited every time I think about getting to see your sweet babies in action here in a couple of weeks. Sarah with all of her spunk, and the boys with their giggles and playfulness. Brings a smile to my face! And of course, I can't wait to catch up with you and the girls. I am eagerly awaiting one of the highlights of this Christmas season. =)

  4. Oh, that Sarah! I just smile seeing her pictures and reading her updates. Just about every bullet point you mentioned sounds EXACTLY like Kaitlynn at that age!! Girl, watch out! LOL! And yes, the girl clothes are just SO much fun. I never would've believed that I could feel such joy from dressing a little girl! Most of my entertainment budget goes towards girls' clothing, haha! Can't wait to see Miss Sarah (and the rest of your gang of course) in person so soon! Miss and love you guys!