Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Well, we made it out to the pumpkin patch again this year, barely.

Two days before Halloween, but hey we made it. And let's just say it was not easy getting pictures of these three active little kiddos. But we tried!

Luke was so excited to see Scooby.

Hay maze

See what I mean?

Individual pictures seem to be easier.

Taken by our very own Jacob.

Say cheese!

Now on to the comparison growth chart pictures. Since there are so many I decided to compare each one's first trip to the pumpkin patch and this year's picture.

Jacob- 2005- 3 weeks

Jacob- 2011- 6 years

Luke- 2008- 9 months

Luke- 2011- 3 1/2 years

Sarah- 2010- 2 months

Sarah- 2011- 15 months


  1. Fun. Fun. Fun. I love pumpkin patch adventures and all the photos that go with them!! blessings ~ Tanna

  2. Oh that is too cute girl! I love that yall have that fun family tradition! It will be so great to compare all the pictures from all the years looking back!

  3. I look forward to your pumpkin patch pics every year! It is absolutely amazing how much each of them has grown! Even miss Sarah Bear. I'm pretty sure she grew about 3 years older in her one year. Haha! I'm really glad you guys made it out there this year, even if it was last minute. Do you think the kids will still go with us in 10 years and let us take their pictures???


  4. Oh what fun!! I know exactly what you mean about the busy kids and it's so hard to get the perfect picture. I just love seeing the ones with Jacob's protective arm around his little sister. SO sweet! All 3 of those precious babies are just growing up too fast. Thank goodness we have pictures to remember how little they once were!