Wednesday, November 2, 2011

School Fun

Luke recently had a parade and party at school to celebrate Halloween. It was his first little party at school and I was happy to be there with him. It was fun seeing him in action, interacting with his classmates and following directions.

He walked proudly in the parade wearing his Scooby Doo costume.

Waving to Sarah.

Surprisingly, Sarah sat in her stroller the entire time for the parade. Lots to see I guess.

Story time

Listening intently to the Halloween story.

Snack time.

Sharing with Sarah.

Miss Sarah made herself at home with an Elmo book.

After the party he wanted to change clothes for the remainder of the day. Playing with his best buddy, Drew. So thankful he has adjusted so well and is loving school these days! Makes my Tuesday/Thursdays much more enjoyable knowing he's happy!

Also last week, Jacob had his first field trip with his class. They went to a local pumpkin patch and then to a new park in Prosper for a picnic lunch and play time. I couldn't officially be a chaperone since I had Sarah with me (Luke was in school) but we were able to meet them at the pumpkin patch and the park for the fun. I didn't want to miss it, being his first one and all. I was a little nervous for him to ride the school bus for the first time. He has always said he never wants to ride a bus. A little intimidated I think. Turns out, he was fine and actually enjoyed the ride. He said it was a big and bumpy ride. Also, knowing that all the Kindergarten classes were going, I was a little nervous about it being a little crazy out there. So Sarah and I happily met them there. I gotta have my eye on my sweet boy when I can. :) This "letting go" thing really is no fun. Lol!

Searching for just the right pumpkin.

Found it!

Jacob and his teacher, Mrs. Naber.

Class picture. Jacob is on the far left in the white shirt.

Being silly.

Picnic at the park.


  1. LOTS of fun! And, no, the letting go is never really easy. ;) LOL! blessings ~ t

  2. I'm so impressed that Lukie kept his hat on so well. Jackson wanted no part in keeping his hat on. I'm so glad you were able to make it to Lukie's party and Jacob's field trip. I know it probably meant a lot to both of them. One of the perks of being at home. :-) I know Sarah bear had a great time tagging along too.


  3. What fun Halloween activities! Luke looked precious in his scooby doo outfit - so fun! That's really neat that Jacob's class did a field trip too - I bet he loved it and it's so great you and Sarah-bear were able to meet him there!

  4. Such sweet memories!! All three of them are so sweet and precious. I bet the boys teachers wish they had a room full of Jacob's and Luke's and a sweet Sarah to entertain! Grandma loves her littles!

  5. What fun! It's times like these that make us SOOOOO thankful to be at home and soak in these fun memories. I'm so happy that Luke is doing so great at preschool and that Jacob has had such a smooth transition to kindergarten. What blessings! I love the class picture with the pumpkins on the kids' heads! And yes, I can SO relate to "letting go" right now. HARD!

    Side you ever stop and think about how lucky our kids are that we are capturing all of these memories in the blog? Can you imagine having blog books from our childhood and being able to read about our activities back then? Because goodness knows I can't remember a single thing from when I was a kid! I think it's amazing they'll have all of these stories to look back on!

  6. AAAAHHHHH! SO FAR BEHIND! (And not just in getting caught up on my blogging, I might add. You should see how neglected my house is these days!)

    I had to smile when you wrote about watching Lukie following directions and seeing him in action at school. Every time I go to pick up Alex at school, I hope to catch a glimpse of that myself, but he always darts right to me, so I don't get to see it.

    Luke was SUCH a cute Scooby Doo. All of your kiddos were cuties in their costumes. Sounds like you all have had a month full of fabulous fall celebrations. Glad to see you soaking it all in - especially joining Jacob for his first field trip. These are the things that I absolutely adore about being a stay-at-home mom.

    And I think it's down-right precious that your mom coordinated a weekend of pumpkin patch fun with all you girls and your families. Looks like a little slice of heaven.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you next month. Counting down the days, in fact. Love you and miss you!