Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in review

The Thursday before Thanksgiving, Luke had a little feast at his school. Complete with lots of good food and Thanksgiving decorations. What fun!

My little Thanksgiving Indian!

The Friday before Thanksgiving break, Jacob's school had Grandparents/Special Friend day. Thankfully, my mom was able to take the day off and come up to be with Jacob. The morning included breakfast, pictures, the book fair and classroom activities. I was thrilled Jacob had his Grandma there.

Waiting in line for breakfast.

Yummy, yummy!

Picture time.

Classroom activity.

They had a homework assignment a few weeks ago to disguise a turkey. Can you guess which one is Jacob's? That's right- the Texas Rangers turkey is his! :)

I noticed a bulletin board in his classroom where each student said what they were thankful for. Jacob's response...Sarah. So sweet!

The school Christmas tree.

Later that afternoon, the boys got to choose what they wanted to do with Grandma. Chuck E. Cheese it was. Luke loves getting the cotton candy there!

Saturday morning we all went out to cheer Jacob on at his last soccer game. It was a bit chilly so Grandma kept Sarah nice and warm.

After his game we all headed over to Palio's pizza for a end of season soccer party.

Trophy time!

Later that afternoon, Jim took the boys to the last North Texas football game while Mom, Sarah and I went and did a little shopping. We also treated ourselves to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory since we only had one little one with us. We were thrilled to be eating in an actual restaurant and not fast food! Ha! It was a busy couple of days but we enjoyed it all. Thanks again Mom for coming up and spending the weekend with us! It meant a lot to have you here!

Jacob and Luke were both off of school the week of Thanksgiving. It was so nice having them here all week and enjoying our days together. Now that Jacob has started Kindergarten, I so appreciate his days off! We went to the movies one day and saw Happy Feet 2, we went and ate and played at the mall, we ran a few errands, we made Turkey cookies one day...

We hosted Thanksgiving here at our house this year and had a wonderful day. Thanksgiving has become a favorite day for me. I love the slow-paced day, love cooking in the kitchen, love the great food, love being with family and reflecting on all that we have to be thankful for in our life!
Here are the boys prepping the bird!

The feast!

The kid's table.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. I am looking forward to this glorious Advent season and all that comes along with this time of the year!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful times! So glad Faye was able to be there for Grandmother's Day. I know she really enjoyed that!!

    Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday too, Katherine. For all the same reasons.

    I know the Little Men are going to be so excited to visit with all their friends soon!! LOVE that Jacob was thankful for Sarah! blessings ~ tanna

  2. I loved reading all about your Thanksgiving activities! So much fun! I just love Jacob's school projects and seeing his response that he's thankful for Sarah. I always smile so big when I get to see things like that from school, so neat! And how exciting that you hosted Thanksgiving. Looks like quite the spread, girl! I'm so glad you had such a relaxing week with the boys and a nice holiday with your family. I am thankful beyond words for our friendship!

  3. What a fun holiday you guys had. And lots more fun to come with Christmas around the corner. Speaking of that, I love that Jacob's school has a Christmas tree. One of the nice things about a small town I guess. Most of the schools I've worked out didn't allow Christmas trees and I really didn't like that at all! The turkey cookies turned out super cute. Can't wait to make lots of fun Christmas cookies. :-)


  4. Aww, this is such a sweet post girl - and what fun pictures! It looks like the boys had fun Thanksgiving activities at school. I'm so glad Mom was able to go up and go to Grandparents Day with Jacob!

    Sounds like yall had such a nice day at your place for Thanksgiving - your feast looks delicious!