Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a great Easter weekend at my parent's house. Grandpa also joined us and was in great spirits. 

Doesn't he look great for being just shy of turning 90!

We played a family game of baseball. Kids vs Adults. Any guesses on who won...yes the kids won! 24 to 10 in the first game. Let's just say the adults aren't movin' like they used to. Jim's back is still sore. Sad!

Grandma had lots of fun games planned for the kiddos. 

Jacob and Gabriel taking a break on the swing. 
 Catching lizards is always a favorite activity!

We enjoyed some of Dad's pre-fajita margaritas. The kids were all happily playing and we got to sit around and enjoy adult conversation and adult beverages! Fun times!

The kids woke up Easter morning to baskets full of goodies!

Sarah loved her new cash register.

Checking out their goodies.

And you know I have to post the usual posed pictures for the record book! :-)
Little Miss Sarah was down for a nap so she missed some of the photos but we waited for her to do the egg hunt. 

LOVE this picture of them! Luke posed all on his own! Sweet brothers!

A mouth full of cheese crackers and pink-and-white doggie in hand and still no good smiles!

I bought this little hat at the Target dollar section for Sarah but she wanted NO part and I mean NO part of wearing a hat. So my Dad thought it would be funny for me to put it on for a picture! I tried Sarah, I tried!

Time for the egg hunt!

Sarah knew just what to do. 

Hope you all had a joyful Easter as well! How blessed we are!


  1. You captured some great pictures! I love the family picture and the one of Jacob and Luke. The pictures of Sarah are priceless. She seriously cracks me up. I love her! I'm so impressed with all of the fun activities your mom had planned. I bet the kids had a blast.

  2. I could comment on every photo. You did an amazing job of capturing so many sweet memories of the day...Grandpa having his margarita, the fun activities your sweet mom worked so hard to prepare for the kiddos, the priceless expressions of Sarah, Jacob and Luke, the story of the hat, you and your sweet family - the list goes on and on. I'd say that Easter was a wonderful celebration for the Eckel/Webb/Paniagua clans this year. Makes my heart smile. =)

  3. Precious, precious family time!! Yes, you are blessed indeed, Katherine! Loved all these sweet photos!! And, thank you so much for your prayers. They are appreciated more than I can say. xoxo t.