Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our little sluggers

The time has come. The time for the Webb household to have not one, but two kids playing sports at the same time. Two practices during the week, two games during the weekend. It has begun but it's so fun.

We gave Jacob and Luke the choice to play baseball or soccer. They both chose baseball. Jacob is on the Cubs team and Luke is on the Reds team. They had a great opening ceremony for the kids before the first games were played. Complete with activities, team introductions and even a fly-by.

This is Luke's first team sport and it is a hoot to say the least. A team of all four year olds who have never played before makes for some interesting practices and games. The games are very playing in the dirt, watching the ball roll past them, not knowing where to throw the ball...oh it makes me laugh. 

His first time up to bat. 

Good hit

Run Lukie Run!

He has played the catcher position several times.  He's not too sure what to think about this one. 

Good game, sweet Luke!

Jacob is playing in the beginning coach pitch level again this year. To play in the advanced coach pitch you have to "try out" and be placed according to skills. We thought we would give him one more year to practice his skills and then move him up next year. He has a great coach this year and Jim is the assistant coach and has been enjoying helping out.

Jacob is on the left- looks like such a big boy out there. 

Good catch!

Jacob has been doing great at bat. He has hit many singles and several doubles and he is very proud of that!  

Cooling off with a snow cone. 
Here's to a fun season of Tball and baseball!


  1. Oh what fun pictures! I love that the boys are into baseball!! :) Oh goodness I got some giggles out of Luke's little pictures. His little pants are so cute! :) Love that he got to play catcher - tell him that his favorite Aunt Kyla used to be catcher too! hehe
    Jacob looks so big boy in his uniform too!

  2. Seems like Jacob has shot up a foot since I saw him in December. He is getting so tall. Must have his Daddy's genes.

    Lukie is a doll in his little red uniform. How cute!

    I know you will always cherish these first sports memories. Many, many more to come, I have no doubt. It will really be fun when the day comes that you have to figure out how to juggle Sarah in there with t-ball or softball, too!

    Hugs to those precious babies of yours.