Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Egg hunts

A few weeks ago, Luke's class had an egg hunt on their playground. Sarah and I helped "hide" the eggs before the hunt. Each parent sent fourteen, numbered eggs. Each student was given a number and had to find the fourteen eggs with their number on it. The hunt actually lasted longer than the few seconds it usually takes for the kids to snatch the eggs up. I loved this idea so much that we ended up doing the egg hunt on Easter Sunday like this. Such a cute idea and a great way for the kids to practice their number recognition. 

They made their baskets in class- a milk carton decorated like a bunny.  So cute!

Luke had a blast finding all his number 4's. 

Such a sweet class he is in. He is on the far left. 

Sitting by his best buddy, Drew. 

My sweet boy!


We also went to the Frisco egg hunt with some friends and the kids had fun there as well.

Look at that pose, Ms. Lilly! I think Jacob needed some sunglasses! ha!

Waiting in line for one of the bounce houses. Sweet little friends they are!


  1. MORE Easter fun!! That is a wonderful way to do the egg hunt with each having a number! Your babies are growing up, Katherine! So, so sweet! blessings ~ tanna

  2. That teacher is one smart cookie for taking an ordinary egg hunt and (1) making it last a little longer and (2) incorporating an element of learning. Awesome! Tucking that one away for the future!

    Looks like you guys made the very most out of your Easter holiday. Such fun!

  3. Aww, what fun Easter activities you guys did! I bet the kids loved the egg hunts! Such cute pictures!