Saturday, April 28, 2012

Misc pictures

I realized I have some recent pictures that I never posted so here goes...a photo dump as several of you say! :-)

The tongue comes out when baby girl is focused!

Daddy had lots of helpers working in the yard.
During Lent, I did a jelly bean activity with the boys. Basically every color jelly bean represented  a certain characteristic.  If they showed that characteristic, they got to put a jelly bean in the jar.  For example, green was a good deed, red was a sacrifice, pink was forgiveness etc. I kept the jelly beans out so the boys could easily access them when they earned one for their jar. So, Miss Sarah decided to take it on herself to get her hands on those jelly beans. She pushed one of the bar stools over to the counter from the island. Climbed up on it and pulled the jelly bean container close to her. She then carefully chose a jelly bean, or two or three!

Caught ya!

She is one determined little girl, I tell ya!
The boys making themselves comfortable having a snack while watching TV. 

We met a little friend at the park one day. Lauren is one month older than Sarah. They were holding hands until I got ready to take the picture! 

Jacob had a very loose top tooth for several days. He was so anxious to lose it but got nervous every time we tried to pull it. It was barely hanging on but he had such fun moving it around with his tongue.  

He lost the bottom two teeth a year ago and nothing since.  The other top tooth is loose as well so I would love for him to lose that one too and have both front teeth missing at the same time! :-)

He tried to pull it himself but no such luck. He had a baseball game the next night. I told him I didn't want him to loose it at the game and risk not being able to find it. We tried and tried the next day, before the game but again no luck.   

And wouldn't you believe, he lost it at the game after all.  Thankfully he was in the dugout, took a drink and out it came. He took it over and told his coach and his coach brought it over to me. All the kids around were fascinated and Jacob was just smiling, bloody teeth and all! 


  1. Loved the photo dump!! Sarah's face when you "caught" her scoring the jelly beans is just too cute! I can't believe Jacob is old enough to be losing teeth! Where does the time go! blessings ~ Tanna

  2. I just love all the photo updates! It's a great way to see all the little things you guys are up to since I can't be there in person. Sarah just cracks me UP...girl, you have your hands full with her!! And you KNOW I can relate, right? :-) And Jacob's gap-toothed smile is just so sweet. Connor still hasn't lost a single tooth!

  3. You know I am a fan of the "photo dump." It seems to be all I have time for these days when I'm not doing my one photo a day. LOL! I am just impressed with the number of posts you've been doing lately, especially while trying to keep tabs on Miss Sarah, who appears have no desire to slow down even for a second! She is full-throttle, isn't she? Just try and keep her from those jelly beans, and she'll show you, huh? Sweet girl! And I am so glad that you managed to get Jacob's tooth since he lost it at the game. Did the tooth fairy come for a visit?

  4. I just love Sarah's look as she got caught with the jelly beans. So cute. She's a determined little girl. No stopping her. Can't believe Jacob lost another tooth. Glad you guys were able to keep it and it didn't get lost at the game. That would have been sad. Thanks for the picture updates.