Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Luke lately

Our sweet Luke has recently wrapped up school and Tball. He had a great first year in preschool and we are so thankful for his little school, his great teachers and his sweet friends he made over the year. At the end of April, they had a spring program which was as cute as you could imagine. 

After the program they had a Family Fun night. Complete with a hot dog dinner, bounce houses, face painting and train rides.

The last day of school, they had a carnival to celebrate. Each classroom was set up as a different station and they had a great time playing all the different games. After the carnival they provided McDonalds for lunch and ice cream sundaes for dessert.

Luke and Owen

They then gave each child a basket full of summer items. 

They were in heaven!

Big hugs for Mrs. Irene and Mrs. Rosio
We are so proud of you Luke!

Luke had his last Tball game the same day as his last day of school. While he said he liked playing and going to his games, his actions spoke much differently. He was the typical ball player who was digging in the dirt, looking at his glove, kicking the dirt etc. He preferred to stand and watch the others play. The one and only time he ran after a ball in the outfield and got it, he stood there not too sure what to do next. I saw another little boy take the ball from his glove and ran with it. After the game, I asked Luke why he let the other boy take the ball and he had this to say, "That other boy told me that I had to share and he started to cry and then he just took it." Oh that made me laugh!!
He wasn't too keen on the idea of playing catcher!

After the last game and time for trophies.

Luke was excited that this was his very first trophy and it had his name on it. 

Not a good day for Sarah to wear white shorts!!

She loved checking it all out!

After Luke's game we decided to take the kids for a snow cone.  They loved it!

And of course it's all about the blue tongue!

We are so proud of our little Lukie! He's done so well this past year and has grown up quite a bit. But at the same time is still my little boy! Here's to a fun summer, spending lots of time with you Luke!


  1. Sweet little Luke - so proud of our Godson!! He has such a sweet personality and did so great in school this year! I'm glad he enjoyed baseball - or at least enjoyed the scenery. ;)

  2. Sweet Lukie. He reminds me of Jackson playing soccer. So funny to watch! I'm glad he enjoyed his preschool this year and made lots of friends.