Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Update in pictures

I came across these pictures and realized I needed to post them for the memory book.

Our Goddaughter, Kate made her 1st Holy Communion back in April. It was such a sweet  day watching her take part in such a special part of the Mass. 

Sarah warmed right up to Kate. 

Love this picture!

We took a bike ride down to the pond to feed the ducks. They LOVE feeding the "ucks" as Sarah says. 

My sweet girl!

This shopping cart makes the trip to Home Depot a little easier. 

Can't seem to get enough pictures of our sweet girl!

 The kids get SO excited when it's Donut Sunday at church. 

Summer time is here!
 I decided to do a little class, Kidokinetics, for the month of May with Sarah before the craziness of summer begins. A friend of mine and her little boy did it with us. Sarah has enjoyed it and loved having the time to run around and play.

She especially loved the parachute activities.  A little blurry but just look at that face. 

More posts to come once we get through this week. Luke's last day of school is Thursday and Jacob's is Friday. They both have their last baseball/tball games this week and Jacob started swimming lessons this week as well. Whew...almost there!


  1. I love love LOVE all the pics! I can't get enough of Sarah's infectious smiles! She seems like such a happy, energetic toddler and I can't wait to get to witness her personality in a few short weeks! I can only imagine how hectic your life is right now with end-of-school and other activities. Good luck with it all!

  2. I love all the pictures girl! Sarah is starting to look like a big girl in these pictures... She is just adorable! Glad y'all had fun in her little gym class too. And oh my, you must have some serious arm muscles to push that home depot cart! :)

  3. So many sweet smiles... makes me have one on my own face right now!!! Thank you, Katherine! blessings ~ tanna