Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day Part II

The Thursday before Mother's Day, Luke's school had "Muffins with Mom". The kids were so sweet and so excited to give us their little gift they made us. Our very own bracelet. His teachers said they made it all by themselves, chose the color beads, the size of beads etc. Luke was so excited and has been asking me often if I have it on! Oh dear!

My sweet boy!

Jacob was home sick with strep throat so he was able to join us for the fun. Thankfully he was not contagious at this point and felt fine! 

Two of his little friends, Brett and Corey. They are twins but you would never know it. They are different in every way!

His best buddy, Drew

On another note, Jacob brought home this sweet hand print for Mother's Day.

Along with this "All About Mom" questionnaire. I love these!

Here is what it says since the print is small:

My mom is 35 years old! (he nailed this one!)
She likes to play. (so glad he thinks this-lol)
The best thing she cooks is cookies. (oh yeah!)
Her favorite food is salad. (at least he didn't say cookies-lol)
Her favorite thing to do to relax is nap. (really?? I could only wish for a nap)
We like to make cookies together. (yes we do!!)
She is really good at carving a pumpkin. (I guess that Texas Rangers pumpkin we carved last Fall really made an impression!)
As you can see, my mom is special because she loves me. (aww, my sweet boy!)


  1. What sweet kiddos you have! Luke is so cute with the little bracelet he made you - what a special keepsake! And love the little questionaire Jacob filled out about you - so fun to see what he thinks about you!

  2. What fun mother's day activities. I love reading what the kiddos put on the describe your mom papers. Jackson's are SO off! That bracelet sure is special! :-)

  3. Those fill-in-the-blank activities are my absolute favorite activities from the kids. I'm super impressed that Jacob knows your age and thinks you ever have a chance for a nap, ha! I'm so glad you had a fun, although busy, Mother's Day. Your life these days sounds as chaotic as mine. I keep saying, May and December are a Mom's busiest times!