Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jacob's 9th Birthday and Jim's birthday celebration

Our big boy turned nine this year! It's hard to believe this is the last year before double digits and the "tween" years aren't too far away. Trying to savor every moment before Jacob is all of the sudden a REALLY big boy!

 I've realized a few things over the past few years as our kids have gotten older. Since Jacob started Kindergarten, time has gone by faster than I could have ever imagined. The school calendar seems to make the years fly by at warp speed. I know so many people that have said "the older they get, the faster the years go by." Well I'm here to tell's true!  The older they get, the more involved they are in sports, activities at church, play dates with friends, school activities, school projects, homework etc. All those things, for one kid, not to mention all three of them, make the

 I often think back to the years before Jacob started school. Three small kids at home with me, busy doing all the things stay-at-home moms do. These were some of the best days of my life, seriously. I will forever be grateful for the time I got to spend with the three of them in their early years. As great as this time was, it was also some of the hardest times. The days and weeks could be long and I remember thinking I felt like my kids were going to be little forever.
It's hard to see past the first five years when you're in that phase of life. But little by little as the first starts school...then the second...then the third turns four...we have definitely entered into a different phase of life with our kids and a different phase of parenting. Nine, six and's an exciting time in our life where our kids are older and more independent but still young enough to be innocent, still need Mom and Dad, like being with us and where all they want to do is play outside after school. All these things warm my heart and I thank God for our three little blessings who have taught us so much along this journey of parenthood.

Ok, had to get all that out...and now back to Jacob's birthday celebrations! :-)

The first celebration was the day after Grace's sacraments since we were all together with my family in Tyler. 

He requested a cookie cake.

It so happened that the next day was his actual birthday so after school he got to open his gifts from us once Jim got home. 

Luke is always there to help!

One of his favorite gifts was a kickball. Which has been a huge hit with all the boys they play with on our street. They get quite the game of kickball going on after school.

Our Birthday Boy!

He requested Subway for his birthday lunch at school. Such a fun treat!

 Jim was a Watch Dog Dad at school that day and got to spend the day with Jacob and with the other 3rd grade classes. And he got to have lunch with Luke.

He chose Chili's for his birthday dinner. Yum!

They came out and sang Happy Birthday and gave him a free dessert.

A few days later we had his friend party at Urban Air. The kids had a great time.

He requested that I make cupcakes because he only likes the blue icing from the store that I buy. I was happy to fulfill his request.

May all your wishes come true, sweet boy!

Jacob had another birthday gift this year...GLASSES! He had been complaining that he couldn't see the white board in class and he had been moving to the rug on the floor so he could be closer to the board. After talking to his teacher, she agreed that she had noticed him sitting closer more often and that she would have him swap desks with another student so he could be closer. This seemed to help some but we knew we needed to get his eyes checked out. Thankfully we know a couple from church that are optometrists and knew he would be in good hands.

I was in the room during his eye exam and knew right away he would need glasses. I could see the letters he was having to read for the first part of his exam and honestly thought at one point that he was reading a different line of letters that I couldn't see. Oh no. He just couldn't see them clearly and was saying all the wrong letters. Thankfully his prescription is minimal at this point and the doctor said he wouldn't necessarily need to wear them all the time if he didn't need them.  However, he seems to be wearing them more often than not...he likes being able to see!

He was a little resistant to the thought of glasses at first but he couldn't wait to go pick them up once they were ready. Turns out...he LOVES them! And I LOVE his new look!

The first day he wore them at school he said his teacher commented on them and the whole class cheered and clapped for him once he put them on. I'm so glad he had that kind of love and support at school.
Jim's birthday is two days after Jacob's so it's birthday central at our house the beginning of each October. Jim asked that I plan a dinner out with some of our friends from the ACTS groups at our church. We met up at Mi Cocina and had a great night celebrating Jim.


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  1. I downloaded the very first his res close up shot of Jacob in the gray shirt and opened him life size on the monitor. The picture is clear and sharp and he appeared to be directly in front of me! I sat there for awhile just soaking up his good looks and his overall beauty. He really looks good. This is my first year in college and I have my own apartment. I bought a very large digital display for my room and now I can display boys like Jacob life size in my room without my mom saying stuff. If I put Jacob on display in my room I think he will look like really pretty and really beautiful, I know I will be tempted to lean close to him and kiss him a lot when I am checking out his good looks.