Thursday, November 13, 2014


The boy's school holds an assembly each month for the students. One of the things they do at the assembly is hand out awards for different things. The month of October the awards were handed out for the students that showed respect. One boy and one girl from each grade receives the award and we are proud that Luke was the boy chosen for first grade.

The entire school gathers in the gym for the assembly. Look at all those kids!

Luke receiving his award from the principal. He even said thank you into the microphone!

So proud of you sweet boy!
I'm so happy to say that Luke's first grade year is off to a great start! I'm so thankful for his teacher who he feels so comfortable with. He is able to be himself, be relaxed and actually have some fun during the long school day. This award proves to me that he is excelling this year and I continue to pray the remainder of the year is just as good as these first few months have been. So proud of you, our respectful Luke!

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  1. So proud of my sweet Godson! He is so sweet and has such a kind heart. I am so glad that everyone else is experiencing it too! Love you Lukie!