Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kyla's visit

Back in September, my sister Kyla and her sweet boys made a trip up to Prosper to spend a few days with us.  Her husband Michael was traveling for the second week in a row so she decided to get away.  We had a great visit and my kiddos had such fun playing with Joseph and Andrew. Jacob and Luke just loved having Joseph ride with us in the morning to take them to school. And they were equally excited to get home each afternoon and have some play time with them. Sweet cousins!

We took a walk down to the pond and fed the ducks one afternoon.

Sweet kiddos!

We ventured out to the mall one day and these two found the TV in Gymboree. Perfect!

We got an afternoon yogurt treat at Sweet Frog one day.

These two are 8 months apart- sweet cousins!

Oh Andrew! Sweet, busy little 18 month old!

Sarah took this picture! :)

Jacob and Luke were so excited to have such fun lunch guests one day!

Jacob was first.

Then Luke.

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  1. Aww what a fun week that was! It was so cute seeing the kids so excited to be together! Loves!